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Historically one retailer in the area has offered 100 gallon drums of B100 to consumers for purchase, but has recently restricted sales to 500 gallons per purchase, no doubt to serve industry. While another retail location has spotty supplies that must be called upon, on a weekly basis to determine if B100 is even available, though conveniently they do sell it by the gallon. (Biodiesel in Tampa Website)


One of the most essential aspects of beginning to build a biofuel infrastructure on a local level in a domestic city is to create such an infrastructure that would curtail the dominance of foreign biofuel in the region. As was seen in the first section of the work EarthFirst Technologies serves as a significant local and regional competitor as this company has seen and answered the need to import biodiesel to answer a growing need in the U.S. For such sources. Currently the biodiesel market is cooperative in Florida, meaning that biodiesel and other alternative fuel creators, providers and distributors seem to be poised to work together to strengthen the infrastructure before they seek to create a highly competitive energy market, like other energy markets and companies have. (Florida Biofuel Coop Website)

Yet, it must also be said that the main competition will be from companies who have sought to meet the needs of the local community from outside sources (domestic or foreign) as a result of limited infrastructure. Currently there are only 6-10 retail sites associated with biodiesel sales in Florida. One of those is in Tampa, but is currently restricted to bulk sales, (Ward Oil Company) clearly with a focus on industry, as they intend to sell only 500 gallon drums of B100 biodiesel as of May 2008. (Biodiesel in Tampa Website) This leaves private consumers in need of resources that are local and practical, as most people do not have the space or resources to buy such large quantities of fuel. Another trend that is notable on such primary resource links, such as the consumer information/question site noted above is that biodiesel is not always available at retail locations that sell it, one example is left by a consumer who states that Mcmullin Oil (another fuel retailer) plans to have B100 fuel on sale (by the gallon) next week for a quoted price (including a $1 tax break of unknown origin). Mcmullen Oil is also named in a 2006 lawsuit as being an intended contract delivery location for a large quantity of fuel made by a company that may have never existed. In other words the company (Tampa Biofuel) the owners of which are currently being sued by investors never were able to develop product but were able to cash in on the fact that the fuel is so desperately needed that companies are willing to buy from relative unknowns in the business, and investors are willing to fund biofuel projects sight unseen. (Hinman, May 23, 2006, NP)

The mere fact that pure biodiesel is in limited supply in a region with the perfect climate to utilize pure biofuel (i.e. A temperate climate that rarely freezes which can result in fuel gelling even in petroleum-based diesel but is more problematic in biodiesel) is rather disturbing but filled with potential. Another trend...


The empowerment of such plans are clear but also show the dire need, that exists today for the development of local commercial producers of biodiesel in Tampa and surrounding areas. The fact that everyday consumers are seeking to go to such lengths as creating conferences on home-refining of biofuel is absolute proof of both growing need and limited supply in the private sector. (Biodiesel in Tampa Website)

Strategic Position and Risk Assessment

It is clear from the primary and secondary research that the strategic position of a biodiesel production facility and potentially a retail outlet in Tampa Florida is strong as the product and service provided is something that consumers cannot easily find elsewhere. Though many empowered individuals might seek to employ home-based refineries to procure fuel there is a clear sense that a business providing such a service would be utilized heavily and would open the consumer market to smaller scale sales, (less than bulk 100-500 gallon drums of fuel) that would not be practical for the everyday user. Risk would be limited if marketing and strategy could build a consumer base for independent sales and distribution in the private market that would of course be supplemented by a supply base for industry and public use. Many biofuel users are aware of the need to create more user friendly infrastructures to ensure the expansion of biodiesel usage to those who are unwilling to purchase gasoline in large quantities or go to the extreme of refining their own. The market will likely increase significantly once awareness of the availably of B100 and blend biodiesel


Multiple feedstock sources will be sought that will support multiple agricultural and reuse endeavors.


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