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Business Plan

PAGE "Introduction and How it Fits into MBA"

The development of this plan is critical for the enhancement of my MBA studies. In this study, I will try to develop a "for profit" (as opposed to non-profit) company to compete in the U.S. food industry. My organization will be a C Corporation in order to raise money from Angel investors and perhaps Venture Capitalists as we grow. It is my understanding that VC's and Angels prefer C Corporations for a myriad of reasons, but most importantly because of the flexibility of the different classifications of stock that C Corporation afford to its shareholders. In addition, the rationale behind choosing this company is based on the concept that sweet treats and refreshments seem recession proof, and that people will always use their disposable income for sugar or refreshment in. I saw on CNBC a documentary on Coca Cola, which an executive said no matter who you are that you want a few seconds of refreshment in your day. His point was coca cola has been a very successful organization based on this principle. I personally love ice cream and frozen yoghurt. There is rarely a day that goes by, especially in summer, that I don't get at least a soft serve cone at some point in my day.

In the development of this plan, I have appreciated various issues related to a successful enterprise plan. The identification of various stakeholders, the mission statement of the company, and identification of the appropriate market niche for my intended good are all but critical elements. This was possible after this MBA class. I have learnt a lot and appreciated various aspects of marketing from this plan. I believe that if I had not attended this MBA class, I would have encountered many problems developing it.

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The keys to success for this company will be:

The design of the store will be both visually attractive and alluring to clients. The design of this store will be intended for quick and proficient operations. Employees training will be emphasized to ensure the best product preparation techniques are protected. Marketing strategies will be expected to fabricate a strong base of devoted clients, and expand the sales of high edge items such as coffee drinks (Bangs, 2012).

Presently, there are two opportunities Marshal Healthy Foods may also capture and maximize to maximize it income. They are:

1. Internal extension in its existing advancing markets, which intends to procure a great share of the overall industry in the developing nations in which it intends to build operations.

2. Opening worldwide stores in new markets

Expected outcomes from completing this business plan

A business plan is essential in guiding a company towards the path to success. This business plan will enable the company to distinguish its root, select the destination, and plot the most limited distinction between the two focuses (Moran, 2007). This business plan is a blueprint for this business. It will also serve numerous different purposes:

I. It is a definite diagram for the exercises required to build a business. This includes details of products offered, the business sector for the product, and the management of the business providing that item

II. This plan is also the "yardstick" by which as an entrepreneur, I will measure victory of meeting the stated goals and objectives

III. In addition, this business plan is an instrument for getting a loan from a lending organization or for pulling in venture capital (Abrams, 2009).

Every year students are required to develop business plans. This collective procedure offers an assembly of profits. This is an extremely true experience for people who are earnestly considering launching a start-up. Enlisting potential workers and meeting with partners, investors, and venture investors will serve as key steps in the genuine start of a business besides establishing a profitable educational experience (Manian, 2007).

Developing a business permits students to recognize potential issues and opportunities that business may face, evade penalties, fines, or other legitimate issues, acclimate to changes in the commercial world. It will give the business the chance to grow or contract from a position of objectivity. I can share this business plan to potential advisors, partners, and sources of funding (Barringer, 2009).

While seeking to evade disruptive and costly disputes in the future, I will acknowledge the conceivable settling of controversial issues of equity shares, partnerships, and the confidentiality of proprietary data at the onset of rivalry and intellectual property formal agreement. The legalistic nature of this business plan is determined by the normal knowledge of my course content, which is very great (Moran, 2007).

Mission of the company

Marshal Healthy Foods Culture will make a "one of a kind" place where clients will socialize in a relaxing and comfortable environment while appreciating the best-blended cafe or coffee and baked goods. Marshal Healthy Foods will be in the business of helping its clients to soothe their daily stress by furnishing a peaceful mind through convenient location, great ambience, high quality products, and friendly customer satisfaction. Marshal Healthy Foods Culture will contribute its benefits to build employee satisfaction while delivering stable shareholders returns (Manian, 2007).


Stakeholders are people and teams with a stake in an organization and its activities. They have a key impact on decisions that Marshal Healthy Foods make. Examples of stakeholders in this case incorporate:

Employees: They take pride in working for a decently regarded organization and look to have a secure work, great compensation and different profits and chances for profession improvement (Moran, 2007).

Customers: Other organizations like stores and other retail outlets that purchase Marshal Healthy Foods items with a defined goal to offer onto the close customers. They include purchasers and users of Marshal Healthy Foods' items. The number of consumers surpasses the number of active purchasers: within a family unit, one individual may buy for the benefit of several customers (Abrams, 2009).

Shareholders: This category comprises of people and organizations who own stakes in Marshal Healthy Foods. They experience the organization's benefits in the manifestation of profits.

Suppliers: Firms that supply Marshal Healthy Foods with its production requirements like packaging, ingredients, and raw materials

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Before producing this business plan, I invested a lot of time perusing and judging different business plans. I have read some extraordinary plans and some not all that good plans. However, this made me discover the elements of a successful business plan. It is convenient to identify the most common elements making this business plan successful (Haines, MacLeod & Schmidt, 2011).

Executive Summary

Frequently, business plan creators are so submerged in their business. They always think that they can overlook all potential readers of the plan as masters in their industry. This business plan has not assumed any information about the industry, the business, and business idea. This plan has a short and a direct executive summary providing an overview of the industry. The concept of an elevated pitch is vital in this case. A successful plan must convey what the business does, the target market, and what the possible upside in summary (Haines, MacLeod & Schmidt, 2011).


Most business plans have failed because they under-estimate or leave out some expenses. My plan is complete as it incorporates all the costs. The sales plan must be included in the costs of the team within the business plan. On the expenditures side, I have verified that this plan incorporates the total fixed expenses of running the business. Business plans have failed because they neglected to include things like insurance, rent, and costs for hosting a website. This plan has taken full account of such elements (Abrams, 2009).


Optimism is incredible, and an essential attribute of any businessperson yet it could be a minor detriment during planning. While it is enticing to make a sales forecast that shows exponential development, this plan has made sure my financial forecasts are realistic. Business plan readers are set to question what seem to be excessively optimistic growth scenarios. In this case, this plan has supported its claims with texts that the financial forecasts are realistic (Roberts, 2011).

Market Size

Similar to the above point on optimism, it is exceptionally normal that this plan has defined the market. It is common to see plans that outline their markets in the billions of dollars and a huge number of potential clients (Barringer, 2009). While this is not a terrible thing on its own, it is extremely essential to sub-isolate this enormous market into reasonable target markets or market sections. This business plan has met this requirement as it has divided the market into manageable sections like customer needs, income, age, and location. With such a practical marketing plan and market segmentation strategy, this plan will be easily accepted and implemented.

Contingency Plans

While cautious planning was included in setting the vital objectives for Marshal Healthy Foods, these…

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