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By the time the class is set to be over, each pair is then expected to bring about one Inspiration web for the case of presentation to the entire class, which is usually then presented in front of the entire class. These can then be set to be saved in their own folders for further usage in the studies pertaining to the book. (Educational Technology Unit) The question still remains as to whether this gives the computer and software dominance on the education of the students that it does not deserve.

This level of categorization of knowledge now exists for all subjects and in the new California State standards, there are three overall model content standards. The first of these is to show relevant knowledge and competency in motor skills, movement patterns and strategies needed to perform a range of physical activities. In the second set, there has to be a level of physical fitness for health and performance while demonstrating knowledge of fitness concepts, principles and strategies. The third level is to demonstrate knowledge of psychological and sociological concepts, principles and strategies as they apply to learning and performance of physical activity. (New California State Standards) It is clear that these are applicable for motor skills and movement knowledge. This again shows that probably the clear specification of the requirements of knowledge removes the freedom that a teacher should have to be able to teach at their best. This was also seen in the last case for education of literature.

This has led to the development of a number of courses in the universities which help the teachers in meeting these requirements. In the University of California, there are 34 such courses and some of them are "EDUC 201 Teachers' Lives and the Policy Environment of Teaching, EDUC 202 Outcomes of Schooling and Student Assessment, EDUC 203 Advanced Concepts in Learning and Cognition, EDUC 205 Critical Assessment of Teaching Practice and Learning, EDUC 206 Cognition and Pedagogy in Specific School Subjects, EDUC 207 Cognition and Pedagogy in Quantitative Literacy, EDUC 240 Instructional Design and Education Technology, 303A-B-C-D-E 304 Observation and Participation in Diverse K-6 Schools (4), 305 Observation and Participation in Diverse Secondary Schools (4) F, 307A-B-C-D-E Student Teaching in Intermediate/Secondary School (4-4-4-4-4) F, W, S; 321 Curriculum and Methods for Elementary School Social Studies (3) W; 322 Curriculum and Methods for Elementary School Mathematics (3) W; 323 Curriculum and Methods for Elementary School Science (3) F; 324 Curriculum and Methods for Elementary School Language Arts (3) W; 325 Teaching the Visual and Performing Arts and Physical Education in Elementary School (2) W; 326 Curriculum and Methods for Elementary School Reading (4) F; 328 Theory and Methods of Instruction of Special Populations in the General Education Classroom, Elementary (2); 329 Theories and Methods of English Language Development Applied to Elementary Students (4); 331 Instructional Technology: Resources for the Multiple Subject Classroom (3); 332 Creating a Supportive and Healthy Environment for Student Learning in the Elementary Classroom (2); 335 Secondary School Curriculum (4) F; 336 Methods of Teaching Languages other than English in the Secondary Schools (4) F; and 337 Methods of Teaching Social Science in Secondary School." (Mat Course Descriptions) Is there really such a high and specific requirement? There are also assistance coming to teachers from commercial sites in teaching and one of them specializes in providing rubrics. (What is RubiStar?) The intimacy of the relationship between the teachers and students is being lost through all these techniques.


One of the fundamental truths of knowledge is that there is no end to it, and even in the case of Einstein, his General Theory of Relativity takes precedence over the Special theory which applies to Earth. Even now we do not know whether the universe is expanding or contracting. So, why restrict the teachers instead of giving them the freedom to teach what they feel will be the best for the students?


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