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Religious Art

Works of religious art have gone through changes during different art periods. The paper will look at three different works of religious art. These works of art will be from the Early Renaissance period, the High Renaissance period and the Baroque period.

The Early Renaissance period

One artist who did religious art in the early Renaissance period Domenico Ghirlandaio .the title of this art work was the last supper. This work was done in 1480's within the 15th century. The medium that was used in this painting was fresco. Currently the painting is located in Ognissanti, Florence.

This work of art was very large the dimensions being Height: 400 cm (157.5 in). Width: 880 cm (346.5 in).the artist uses the existing shape of the rom to create extra space. The view in the background, painting of the ceiling in the work of art and the shape of the table all create depth within the flat surface of the wall. The painting gives an illusion that he is looking upwards towards the ceiling.

The element of art used in this painting is perspective and depth creation with tiled floors and an incorporation of painted architectural elements such as using arches and windows and the inclusion of a background of landscape that has skies, birds and clouds. Ghirlandaio uses decorative style using bright light as well as soft colors with realistic faces and figures that are convincing.

The High Renaissance period

In this period we will look at Leonardo da Vinci's religious works of art. The particular work of art on focus is his painting of the Last supper. Leonardo da Vinci did this work between 1495 and 1498.the medium used in this painting was Fresco. The current location of this piece of art is Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milan.

As early as 1517 the painting began to flake and by 1556 it was described as being finished. This prompted for some restorations to be carried out on the painting the first being done in 1726.despite all the…

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