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Childhood obesity in Turner County, GA is topic for concern, especially in the age ranges of 6-11. County data shows the adult diabetes rate for Turner County is higher than the rate in the state at 3.1% of difference (City-Data, 2016). The adult obesity rate is also higher at 4.8% difference. While evidence from recent sources reveal childhood obesity rates going down in Georgia, the diabetes and obesity data could signal a red flag.


Overall the county seems like it has adequate daycare facilities and a high degree of cohesiveness, with an adequate number of quality recreational areas like parks. This shows there are enough areas for children to go exercise and socialize. However, the number of restaurants and the low number of walkers as a means of transportation to work shows a lack or desire to participate in cardiovascular exercise or activities. Most people in the county drive or carpool.


Therefore, since there are recreational areas and parks in the county, as well as adequate cohesiveness with 'town meetings' and so forth, there needs to be public events that will help the children of Turner County engage in physical activities that will help them get exercise as well as learn about the importance of nutrition and diet. Scheduled town meetings could include weekly planning of recreational events for


Since many residents are church-going, they can create activities centered around the church.


Tracking progress could come from weekly town meetings and since many people in the county carpool, they can engage in discussion through daily carpools.

Phase 4

Turner County has a fairly high percentage of black residents. Blacks and Hispanics in America often face a higher degree of obesity than their white counterparts. "In Georgia, non-Hispanic black children and Hispanic children were more likely to have high BMI than non-Hispanic white children, and other non-Hispanics were less likely" (Davila-Payan, DeGuzman, Johnson, Ser-ban, & Swann, 2015, p. 3). Some of it has to do with culture, some of it also has to do with differences in income and diet.

Two central moral concepts guiding community as client perspective are justice and utilitarianism. "Utilitarianism means doing the greatest good for the greatest number of people. Distributive justice means…

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