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The Christianity of the contemporary time is represented by several groups which keep growing and changing each day. This comes with the positives and the negatives attached to this trend. One thing for sure is that the availability of these many groups of Christianity is an expression of the freedom of worshiping that Christianity has cultivated, people are not compelled to stay in some given grouping. It also reduces the possibility of Christian churches, especially those with huge followings to be used to misguide people into being exploited or to committing unethical things like mass suicide at the influence of one influential leader since they know that people will speak up and walk out to other groups or even form their own new group. The many Christian groups also helps in the speedy and diverse spreading of the gospel since different groups will want to send out disciples to different parts of the world to spread the gospel as compared to few groups...


The many groups have also helped in the renaissance of the critical thinking and close evaluation of Christianity and the guiding principles and teachings. Diversity effectively means different approaches towards the same subject hence more comprehensive presentation of Christianity. The disadvantage of this diversification is the possible contradiction in the presentation of facts about Christianity hence making Christianity lose firm stand on the issues and subjects that aroused the contradictions. The diverse groups have also seen infighting and dismissal of each other yet they are all Christian and in effect hindering the smooth coexistence of the Christian fraternity.

Physical signs of God's grace

Man was made to be a believing being and each individual will have to in one way or the other expression indications of a belief that they hold. Most Christians believe in God and one fundamental issue that they hold on to is the abundance of the grace of God. This grade of God is often believed to be unseen yet existing and one needed only faith and he will have the sufficient grace of God. It is however important to have the physical signs of the Grace of God. This will enable one person…

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