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I often read them books about children from different cultures getting along together, and we also sing songs related to different cultures. Also, when a child asks me a question about why certain children look different or speak differently, I answer them in a loving and honest manner.

I feel it is important to help each child feel accepted in the group, help children learn to communicate and get along with others, and encourage feelings of empathy and mutual respect among children and adults. Therefore my goal is to encourage social interaction that promotes togetherness without eclipsing individuality; and to encourage communication skills that are socially acceptable but not overly constrained.

Some of the activities I provide to promote social skills and cooperation include:

Group games such as telephone and "who has the button?"

Group sing-a-longs

Eating together at the same time in the same area

Formal introductions of new students

Children are always encouraged to interact with one another both in structured activities and "free time." Also, everybody eats together at the same time and in the same area which helps reflect the types of social interaction associated with family meals, which so many families are missing out on these days. While I encourage the children to express themselves freely, there is a zero tolerance policy regarding name-calling,


To encourage the children's social skills I often engage them in activities that involve play acting, such as pretending to be in a store where some children will pretend to work there, and others will pretend to "buy" various things in the classroom. To help the children through transitions from one activity to the next I always give children a warning that the present activity will be ending in a few minutes so that they can physically and mentally prepare for the transition.

Overall my ideal classroom management plan involves the promotion of creativity, kindness, respect, safety and enthusiasm for learning. I feel that these are all of the ingredients needed for a well-run classroom that creates lifelong learners who will grow to be happy and productive members of society.


Source: Gardner H. (1993). Multiple intelligences: The theory in practice, New…

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Source: Gardner H. (1993). Multiple intelligences: The theory in practice, New York: Basic Books

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