Climate Change Essay Titles

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Climate Change Essay Titles


Climate change essay titles can range from the mundane to the explosive.  How you choose to write your title for your paper will depend on what type of essay you have penned.  If your essay is on the academic side of things, you’ll likely want a more scholarly sounding title.  If you’re expressing an opinion in your essay and want to urge your reader to adopt your perspective, you might like a more bombastic sounding title.  The point is that a title should reflect the nature of the essay you’ve written.  That said, there’s no limit to the kind of title you might choose.  Here are some examples to show what’s possible with this subject.

Top 25 Climate Change Essay Titles

1. How Climate Change became a False Religion

2. Why Greta Thunberg Needs to Go Back to School and Stop Whining about Climate Change

3. Facilitating the Climate Change Hoax:  How the Left Uses Social Media to Foster Fear, Panic and Policy Change

4. Cherry-Picking Data to Support the Conclusion:  How Climate Change Activists Use “Science” to Further Their Aims

5. It’s Not Science Unless We Say So:  How Militant Progressives Have Undermined the Climate Change Debate by Passing Off Pseudo-Science as Legitimate

6. The Real Science behind Climate Change:  Climate’s Change—They Always Have and Always Will

7. Is Man-Made Climate Change a Serious Threat?  What a Hundred Year Look at the Data Shows

8. Who or What is Responsible for Climate Change?  Analyzing the Charges from both Sides of the Political Aisle

9. Can Electric Vehicles Really Make a Dent in the War against Climate Change?

10. Why Elon Musk is Hailed as a Hero in the Fight to Stop Climate Change and What His Followers Indicate about the Sad State of Society

11. Controlling the Weather:  Your Government Has been Engaged in Purposive Climate Change for Decades

12. Deliberate Climate Destabilization is Not a Fear, It’s a Reality: …

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…Paris Accord:  Was Trump Right to Pull Out?

22. The Future of America Has Nothing to Do with Climate and Everything to Do with Change

23. Hurricanes are Coming:  Climate Change Prognosis and Political Consequences

24. The Green New Deal to Address Climate Change:  Great Idea or Lefty Lunacy?

25. Abandoning Fossil Fuels Will Not Prevent Climate Change


As you can see, climate change essay titles can be all over the place:  whether you are for or against the idea of climate change, or whether you want to go for an in-your-face title or something subtle, there are no limits.  The best approach to take is one in which you feel comfortable that the title you have chose reflects the essay you have written.  If there is a mismatch in tone or tenor, go back and try again.  The two should line up well.  It is when the title fails to match the tone and subject of the essay that all the trouble begins.

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