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Privacy Concerns with Storing Organizational Data in the Cloud

The Security Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing

Drawing on the observation provided by Kesan, Hayes, and Bashir that, “[T]he market forces peering into private lives may not be doing so with malicious intentions, but the corresponding decrease in consumer control of their personal information is nonetheless harmful” (p. 471), the purpose of this paper is to explain why this statement is accurate. To this end, an analysis of the benefits as well as the compliance risk concerns that are associated with the storage of organizations’ data in the cloud is followed by a discussion concerning the balance between efficiency and deprioritizing privacy concerns, and an analysis about whether additional regulatory intervention is necessary.

Review and Analysis

The balance between efficiency and deprioritizing of privacy

There is a cost-benefit analysis involved with determining the precise balance between efficiency and the need for privacy in organizations of any size and type. For example, the security protocols that are used by companies to protect their organizational data exist along a very lengthy continuum that ranges from the Fort Knox-level security that is used to protect the formula for Coca-Cola which is known only to a few select individuals and the written version kept under strict lock-and-key to open source applications that are accessible by all. Against this backdrop, it is clear that every opportunity to improve the efficiency of data processing operations in the cloud carries a corresponding privacy risk. For example, according to Coss and Dhillion (2020), “The advantages of cloud computing, such…“get on and do the job of intervening to stop people’s data flowing to third countries where it’s at risk” (Lomas, 2020, para. 5). In sum, the cloud computing environment remains vulnerable to a wide array of privacy threats that must be taken into account when using the cloud for data storage and analyses applications.


The research was consistent in showing that there are a number of benefits that are associated with cloud computing, including the scalability to meet changing needs and virtually limitless data storage capacity. The research also showed, though, that these same benefits introduce a number of corresponding privacy considerations and concerns which remain the focus of ongoing scholarship and legal analysis. The recent decision by the CJEU also underscores the need for additional intervention on the part of…

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