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Judaism as Opposed to Buddhism, Daoism and Confucianism In broad terms, the monotheistic worldview of Judaism differs from the worldviews of Eastern religious traditions that were already discussed in this course in a number of different ways. For the most part, there is a rigid monotheism that is a fundamental part of Judaism that simply is not matched in religions such as Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism. In several ways Buddhism is actually more a philosophy than a religion. Its focus is typically on the individual and the individual's harmony with the external universe which Buddhism teaches is ever evolving, constantly beginning and ending. Quite simply, there is no dominant monotheistic presence in this religion -- certainly not on the part of that which is traditionally associated with Judaism. In the latter viewpoint, God is omnipotent and the creator (and ender) of virtually everything in existence. He is at the center of the universe. In Buddhism, however, the individual and his or her alignment with the universe is the central...


In this religion, the adherent's ability to conceptualize and live in accordance with the way is the primary aspect of the religion's worldview. Although the way has the importance of a divinity in Daoism, it is not a central divinity such as that found in Judaism. Again, there is a focus on the individual and his or her ability to attune himself to the way that is central to the religion. In Judaism, however, God is the central force in the universe whether or not one acknowledges that fact. Confucianism places an emphasis on an individual's harmony with universal order, yet acknowledges a polytheism that is not existent in Judaism. According to Judaism, that which causes humans to miss the mark from living up to their potential and the sort of expectations that God designed for humankind is a form of temptation. Specifically, individuals are aware of what is required to live a virtuous life in accordance to God, yet they still fall prey to temptation and to human tendencies to drift, or explore those things that are not necessarily deigned by God. There is a natural curiosity that is part of the…

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Young, Williams. (2013). The World's Religions. New York: Pearson.

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