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Different Types of Mothers: A Classification Essay

The idea of motherhood is one of the most sentimentalized and celebrated roles in many cultures. But the definition of motherhood is often contested. Some classify motherhood as the individual who gives birth to a new human being. But there are also adoptive mothers, who bear the primary responsibility for caring for the child. Some figures may like a mother to a child, whether it be grandparents, teachers, or even a father assuming a single parent role. Mothers can parent singly, with a father or another mother, or simply take on a caretaker role. Foster mothers may temporarily take on a mothering role. While there are biological, psychological, and social ways to classify motherhood, precisely how to do so remains hotly debated.

From a purely biological perspective, a mother is an individual who provides 23 chromosomes to the child, according to The Hemophilia, von Willebrand disease, and Platelet Disorders Handbook. A birth mother usually refers to the woman who physically gives birth to the child, but given the rise of new types of surrogacies and invitro fertilization methods, these two may not be one and the same. From the childs perspective, the child may never meet the birth mother,…religious leaders, coaches, and other adults who are entrusted with the care of the child may take on responsibilities and act as a mother to the young person.

Mothering can be a biological, psychological, or sociological function. Mothers can take many forms, whether biological or adoptive, married or unmarried, or vary on the scale of disciplinarian to more permissive. They can also be entirely absent, requiring other persons to assume a mothering role, whether foster mothers take the form of those formally bestowed by the foster care system, or more informally in the form of teachers. Mothers are very important, as is mothering, but there…

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