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Christianity and Islam: Comparison and Contrast

In the world today, religion is one of the most divisive and persistent elements of human life. While many are leaving the traditional format of organized religion, these age old traditions remain as the most prevalent of spiritual paths throughout the world. Particularly, Christianity and Islam feature among the directions with the largest followings on earth. When comparing and contrasting these two, it becomes clear that, while there are certain parallels between these religions, they also have significant differences.

The Koran's description of Creation, for example, is scattered across all of its pages. In the Koran, Adam is prohibited from approaching the Forbidden Tree. When sin occurs, God is shown to be responsible for the pain and suffering in the world (Baianonie, 2001).

While the Bible also contains the Creation story that includes Adam and Eve, along with their fall from grace, it provides a more unified account. Adam is allowed near the Forbidden Tree, but just not to eat its fruit. Death and suffering are directly related to sin and decay rather than to God's will.

According to the Koran, human beings have a superior position on earth, being more important than other life forms (Baianonie, 2001)....


The universe is seen as being at the service of man. The Bible has a similar viewpoint of the human relationship to the rest of creation. Human beings are at the highest point of creation, with animals and plants created in their service. The Bible adds, however, that human beings are to tend to the needs of the animals and plants that provide their sustenance.

Free will is another component of what it means to be human. According to the Koran, human beings have the faculty of choice, while also being able to distinguish between good and evil. Having the choice, people can choose to obey or disobey and in this way earn their place eternally alongside Allah. The Bible also talks of free will, but removes the power from people to choose their own salvation. Salvation is based upon faith, while the gratitude for such salvation creates a platform of choice. Sinful man, being saved, chooses good over evil in a demonstration of love rather than in hope of salvation. Hence, where there is accountability before being allowed into Muslim eternal life, this is not the case for Christianity, where the responsibility for salvation remains…

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