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The mobile phone is extremely useful in the case of emergency situation. The owner of such a mobile device can call 911 for free from their mobile phone, even if the owner's phone credit does not allow for calls to be made. Also, the camera of the mobile phone can be used in recording certain aspects that are useful in such situations (Reardon, 2006).


An important feature of mobile phones consists in the fact that they allow for important data storage. The user can store picture, text, and audio documents. This way, the user can take his important documents with him while traveling or to assist him in certain activities where the user cannot access a computer and uses his mobile phone instead. Most modern mobile phones provide this ability that is appreciated by users.


Another important function of the mobile phone that becomes more and more important for users is represented by its entertainment functions. In other words, the mobile phone can be easily used as a music player, a music recorder, or a video clip player. This allows users to play video of a certain size or to send them to other users by using the mobile phone.


The applications of mobile phones have significantly developed. Mobile phones provide applications like: calculators, alarm clocks, converters, word and spreadsheet processors, computing functions, and others.

2.4. The Benefits of Mobile Phones

There are numerous advantages that using a mobile phone can provide. These benefits include:

The accessibility of people

The possibility of navigating the Internet

Mobile payments

The accessibility of people

The technological developments made in the telecommunications field make it easier to access certain people even in conditions that make it difficult to communicate with them (Mobile Phones, 2009). For example, mobile networks allow people to talk to each other through mobile phones when the distance between them is quite significant. It is easier now to locate someone when they are not in their home or office, or when the caller does not know where the cal receiver is.

The possibility of navigating the Internet

A great percentage of the world's population uses the mobile phone to access the Internet. Most of the users that are interes5ed in this feature are represented by teenagers. In addition to this, the Internet is accessed by mobile phones owners in order to find out sports news or the weather forecast, or other information that interests them.

Mobile payments

One of the most important features of the mobile phones is that it allows users to pay their bills through moil phones applications. This is extremely useful for many users that pay their bills through mobile phones in order to reduce the costs and time associated with this activity.

2.5. Mobile Phone Trends

The most important trends that are likely to influence the mobile phones industry are represented by:

Low-end mobile phones

Mobile Internet

Video phone

Physical networking devices

Low-end mobile phones

This type of mobile phones will continue to be preferred by numerous customers. However, prices and profit margins are likely to be compressed. It is expected that prices for this product segment will be reduced in order to attract a higher number of customers.

Mobile Internet

Mobile phones that provide Internet options are expected to become the mainstream products in this market. It is estimated that this product segment will realize the most important profits. Mobile phones producers will compete in the mobile Internet section in order to gain competitive advantage and increase their market share.

Video Phone

It is expected that technical developments in the field will allow for the introduction of video phones on the market. This action will be supported by the growing needs of consumers that find useful such a communication device. Such video phones require significant production investments and support networks that allow for such activities.

This means that the prices of these products will be quite high and not many customers will be able to pay them. Although certain specialists in the field consider that video phones will be the mainstream of the mobile phones market, it is quite difficult to estimate how customers will react to video phones.

Physical networking devices

These devices are likely to improve the functionality of mobile phones, makes them more useful for their users.

2.6. Consumer Behavior

There are several factors that influence customers' decision when selecting the mobile phone they intend to purchase. The most important factor that affects customers' purchase decision is represented by the price of these products (Pakola et al., 2010). Some of the customer segments addressed by mobile phones producers are price sensitive and cannot afford to buy expensive mobile phones, even if the advantages of these types of phones interest them.

Another important factor that affects the purchase decision of customers is represented by the properties provided by the various types of mobile phones...


Given the fact that there are numerous types of mobile phones provided by producers, customers have a great variety of mobile phone models to choose from in accordance with their needs and preferences regarding the mobile phones they intend to purchase.

The salesmen have the biggest influence on customers' purchase decision.

In Thailand, consumer behavior regarding mobile phones is not much different than in the case of other countries. The most important factors that influence the purchase decision of mobile phones in Thailand are: product quality, brand image, service, price, and promotion (ECIS, 2009).

2.7. Brand Strategy

Same as in the case of other products, companies with established brands and images are preferred by consumers in the mobile phones industry. This is because these established brands have proven the quality of their products, and heir advantages and disadvantages are well-known for the public. Also, these companies benefit from a strong position on the market that allows them to invest in research and development in order to improve the products and services provided to their customers.

The most important mobile phones brands include: Nokia, Samsung, Siemens, Alcatel, LG, and others.

The elements of these companies' brands' images are: the logo of the company, the color scheme, the overall look, and the printed materials (Coss, 2009). The logo must symbolize the company. These companies' logos are simple, easy to recognize, and easy to use in different marketing channels. The color scheme is different for each company, given the fact that it must reflect the message that the company intends to send, and it must be selected in accordance with the strategy of the company.

The overall look of the company must also reflect the strategy of the company and must address the customer segments that the company intends to target. The printed materials of the company must be in accordance with the website of the company in case.

3. Methodology

3.1. Secondary Data

The objectives of this research study can be reached by using secondary and primary sources of information. This is because both types of sources of information present a series of advantages and disadvantages that must be taken into consideration by the researcher. This way, it is ensured that the results and findings of the research project satisfy the readers.

Secondary sources of information refer to newspaper articles, specialized magazines, previous research studies made by marketing companies in the field, books, articles, databases, websites.

The advantages of using secondary sources of information must be taken into consideration in addressing the research problem in case. These secondary sources present a higher degree of availability. They can be easily accessed by anyone who has the minimum resources required for this activity. The sources of information that can be accessed through the internet represent the easiest way in collecting information n the subject in case.

The newspapers and magazines that cannot be accessed through the Internet can be provided by other sources of information that the researcher can rely on.

In addition to this, using secondary sources of information is an activity that has reduced costs in comparison with other types of sources. This helps the researcher access important data with little or no fees at all.

However, secondary sources of information present a series of disadvantages also. For example, the accuracy of information collected from these sources is quote reduced. This means that the findings of the study can be affected by this factor.

In the case of Thai consumers' behavior regarding mobile phones, there are numerous articles on the Internet that address the topics referred to by the objectives of the research proposal. The Internet also provides a series of studies conducted by other researchers or marketing companies that offer useful information.

3.2. Primary Data

In order to provide significant results regarding this research project, it is required to use primary data also. This information can collected directed from the source. In this case, the…

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