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Abortion is certainly the most heatedly discussed issue in the social and political circles. Every politically regime is critically examined and judged by its stand on this major issue facing the country. The reason being simple, while this may be the oldest controversial topic, it has not been and probably cannot be effectively resolved. Every year, thousand would take to streets protesting against abortion and as a counterattack many pro-abortion would stage a rally delivering arguments in favor of the subject. But little has been achieved by both quarters as each side has valid set of arguments regarding their stand on the issue and therefore it is up to each individual to decide which quarter he or she would support. (Roman, 88)

To study this issue objectively, one needs to examine stand of both quarters closely. The arguments in favor of or against abortion must be studied without prejudice and with an open mind so that some logical and reasonable conclusions can be derived. Those in favor of abortion maintain that if a mother feels she is incapable of taking care of the child in her womb, it is only wise to terminate the pregnancy because only the person carrying the baby knows how well she can look after the child (Kinsley, 96). For example if the person carrying the baby has no sound financial assistance, it will be impossible for her to provide for the child. Therefore if she decides to abort her pregnancy, she is only making that decision based on her estimation of the life she is capable of providing. In other words, she knows what's best for her or her baby and therefore if she feels she is either too young or financially incapable of looking after the child, its best not to bring the child into the world. But to dismiss the issue as essentially a matter of personal choice or preference would certainly be unethical. For example, while we know that every person has the right to make choices regarding his future, we would not still allow a person to become a serial killer or a drug dealer, because these are anti-social activities, which have far reaching impact on the society. Similarly while pro-choice and pro-life circle may have a valid arguments in favor of their respective stands, it is important for them to study the issue from all aspects in order to reach a decision based on reason and not emotions. (Bringsjord, 97)

S. Boyd, in his article titled "Give us liberty: The approval of RU-486 isn't about morals, it's about options," provides a sensitive insight into the issue of choice. He writes "Making the decision to terminate a pregnancy or to bring a fetus to term is by far the most wrenching experience I've ever had. The right to choose is not a luxury; it is a responsibility that demands intense introspection and awareness."

Pro-lifers on the other hand, maintain that killing the fetus is the same thing as killing a human being and since we do not allow the latter, we simply cannot allow the former. Besides, we never know what a person might become, no one knew that the fetus in the womb of a woman would one day become Shakespeare or Edison.…

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