Creating The Marketing Communication Strategy For Eagle Rider Australia To Chinese Market Marketing Plan

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¶ … represents a section of a market study compilation, and sets forth a marketing communication plan. It explores media strategies for promoting the Eagle Rider's brand and Australian locations in China to increase consumer engagement via Chinese tourism. The media strategy also conveys a target market, situation analysis, implementation of strategy, budget for implementation, and resource management. The media strategy concludes with an evaluation of its constituents or measures.

Strategic Media Plan

Situation Analysis

Background of Situation

EagleRider has amassed tremendous market share in the United States. More distinctly, it is the global leader in motorcycle rental and touring company (EagleRider, 2012). EagleRider has paved and seized a growth niche: "EagleRider is a full service motorcycle and powersport rental and tour agency that caters to international and domestic motorcycle enthusiasts and aficionados" (EagleRider, 2012). However, while tourist have come from abroad to partake in the EagleRider experience? "the renting of dreams," EagleRider maintains its predominant market share without expanding to international markets.

EagleRider has taken on a "blue ocean" market strategy, where about it created "uncontested new market space that made the competition irrelevant" to an extent (Kim & Mauborgme, 2005, p1-5). Kim & Mauborgme (2005) write, "The aim of blue ocean strategy is not to out-perform the competition in an existing industry, but to create new market space or a blue ocean." Kim & Mauborgme (2012) add," Blue Oceans denote all the industries not in existence today." EagleRider has molded its own market by incorporating motorcycle touring within the motorcycle rental industry, and has further refined its vertical niche by renting American branded Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Consumers may be aware of the EagleRider brand in markets other than the United States, and there are EagleRider locations, for example, in Europe and Mexico (EagleRider, 2012). However, EagleRider's physical or store-front presence has potential for growth internationally. The Eagle Rider's "blue ocean" or open market space could be expanded to other large markets: EagleRider has also entered the Australian market, evident from the website, "EagleRider Australia Rentals Motorcycle and Motorbike Rentals, and More." EagleRider (2012) provides corporation will need to devise a marketing communication plan and evoke certain media strategies in order to capture a significant portion of the Chinese tourism segment in Australia. Attaining market share for Chinese tourism will help EagleRider continue its growth and maintain its prominent market position.

2.2 Media Strategy

2.2.1 Media Presence

EagleRider uses media to market its services in the United States. A series of YouTube videos are available online that help describe EagleRider procedure for rental and rental experience. For instance, a YouTube video entitled, "EagleRider Motorcycle Rentals and Tours," had over 13,000 views (Youtube, 2012). Many of the EagleRider independent locations place YouTube videos to promote their business facility. However, many of these local promotional and informational videos have garnered fewer views: views per video range from approximately 150 to 2500 (YouTube, 2012). Thus, these quantitative figures suggest that the local videos produce a mild to moderate promotional impact, when considering that EagleRider serves approximately 40,000 customers worldwide annually (Hoovers, 2012). Accordingly, Hoovers (2012) states, "In addition to big motorcycles, the company rents scooters, ATVs, personal watercraft, snowmobiles, and dirt bikes to more than 40,000 customers a year. The firm has aggressive growth plans to someday exceed 500 rental locations worldwide."

2.2.2 Target Market Broad, Secondary Target Market

From a broad scope, EagleRider will target Chinese tourist who may have an inclination to vacation or travel to Australia. The broad target primary includes adults, male and female, who may be traveling as a group or as couples. Given the manner that some media is broadcasted and distributed, this broad target market is not restricted by geographical location. Primary Target Market

EagleRider will primarily target high…

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