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Stu Dents Charges

The author of this report has been asked to revisit the case of Stu Dents and the litany of crimes he is alleged to have committed against Uma Opee and in general. There is indeed a laundry list of issues to be seen and charges when it comes to Stu Dents and they will be listed out within this report. Each crime that applies will be listed and there will also be the associated act and detail that supports Stu Dents being charged with the crime. For all of the crimes listed, there will be an associated state that Stu will be charged within. While Stu and his counsel might be able to make some arguments for some of the crimes, the case against him is rather formidable and there are a number of different charges that definitely apply to Stu and what he allegedly did.


Given the totality of what Stu apparently or obviously did, he would face the following charges. All of these apply to the state of New York. If the time happened there, that is where the case would be strongest:

• Possession of a controlled substance: Charge 1

• This is for the possession of the MDMA. The fact that the victim did not have any methamphetamine. The fact that the victim did not have any drugs in her system further proves that they were not her drugs nor was she involved with the same, at least based on her criminal record as compared to the evidence that is currently available (New York, 2017).

• Possession of controlled substance with intent to distribute

• The confluence of three different drugs with Stu might indicate that he was dealing drugs or that he could do the same. If the…

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