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All foundations are important, but social forces are becoming increasingly influential as planners struggle to design and develop curriculum that meet the diverse multicultural needs of students.

7. What is the difference between curriculum development and design?

Curriculum design defines learning objectives, what learning and teaching strategies should be adopted; and what evaluation strategies will ensure that the desired aims and learning outcomes are achieved. Curriculum development uses information from the design process to guide the selection of content and teaching approaches and the sequencing of the content.

8. How do you define the role of the local school people (principal & teachers) in curriculum design and development?

Curriculum development should be a cooperative partnership between principals and teachers. Principals should build a curriculum vision and create a climate where teachers are encouraged to give their input. Teachers can then use their knowledge to design and develop curriculum that fits with the school's environment, staffing, and student population, and educational standards.

9. How can we distinguish educational aims from educational goals (give examples)?

Aims express the general direction of educators while goals turn these aims into specific objectives. Aims might include increasing student competenceand promoting good citizenship and ethical responsibility. Goals might include increasing student learning though the integration of technology into curriculum design and development and increasing student's values by providing them a knowledge and respect of state, national and world history.

10.How will the internet affect curriculum design & development?

The Internet makes it easier to distribute materials quickly to a large number of evaluators and increases the currency of resources used. Curriculum materials are produced in 75-80% less time because of the ability of reviewers to locate and review materials more quickly, the reduction of time spent distributing and awaiting return of materials and the ability to reduce reviewer confusion for multiple document changes. Further, the Internet allows issue resolution in…

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