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The evaluation facilitator will explain that curriculum evaluation is a necessary process to help foster student growth and that evaluation is not a negative critical review; rather, it is to recognize progress and to identify areas for future improvement. This is important because evaluation has traditionally been focused on the identification of shortcomings and, for this reason, has caused anxiety and resentment which can impede constructive participation.

Second, the facilitator will explain the process of curriculum evaluation. The process will be described as an analysis of current curriculum, the expression of key goals in a formal mission statement, allocation of resources, implementation of curriculum change and the monitoring of progress over time. In this way, teachers will know exactly what to expect and this will help allay their fear of change. Plus, showing that there are well-defined processes will help lend credibility to the curriculum evaluation program.

Third, the facilitator will conduct a thorough discussion with teachers on what the evaluation process will cover. The name curriculum evaluation is a bit of a misnomer and teachers need to understand that it entails more than just curriculum content, although this is certainly one important component of curriculum evaluation. The facilitator will discuss how teacher reflection, program evaluation, student assessment and methods of teaching and educational aids will also be included in the evaluation.


Carl, AE 1995: Teacher empowerment through curriculum development: theory into practice. Kenwyn, Cape Town: Juta, p. 178.

Evaluation and assessment: Curriculum evaluation.

The three discussion groups.
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