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¶ … power words can you communicate that promote energy while explaining your work skills, experience, and accomplishments?

A resume is written with the intent of conveying a job seeker's knowledge, skills, and experience. The marketplace for jobs is highly competitive, and therefore, writing an effective resume is crucial. Use of power words is among one of the ways of increasing resume effectiveness. (Resume Power Words, 2015)

Power Words and Phrases

Power phrases or words (also called "buzz" words) that enhance appeal by eliciting a positive impression upon the reader. To put it more technically, they are generally adjectives (i.e. noun modifiers) or verbs (i.e. action words), employed for describing the action carried out, or to explain one's accomplishments "powerfully." Staffing departments in charge of scanning and processing resumes call them 'key words'. For providing a better fit against any job requirement or description, electronic scanning is useful to staffing associates, enabling them to quickly screen numerous resumes, seeking key words in them. (Resume Power Words, 2015)

Resume Power Examples

Resume writing style differs from that of writing an email, letter or report. The power word / action word normally appears at beginning of a sentence drawing readers' attention to what action was taken, while describing the accomplished task. Some examples that demonstrate utilization of action words in a resume are cited below. (Resume Power Words, 2015)

Gathered a 5-auditor-team, which successfully completed a Sarbanes-Oxley financial operations audit within 3 weeks.

Cut down operations cost by nearly $1 million making use of only one vendor for IT contracts.

Launched numerous new offerings and product extensions, increasing sales revenue by almost $1 million within five years (Resume Power Words, 2015).

Work quantity and quality: accuracy, productivity, meticulousness, and goal accomplishment.

Interpersonal and Communication skills: cooperation, teamwork, persuasiveness, empathy and listening.

Planning, management, and organization: target setting, prioritization, and focus on profits.

Job expertise and knowledge: training, knowledge base, researching, mentoring, and modeling.

Attitude: commitment, loyalty, dependability, flexibility, volunteering, initiative, and energy.

Ethics: honesty, professionalism, fairness, integrity, professionalism, diversity, and sustainability.

Creative thinking: inventiveness, originality, receptivity, and problem solving.

Growth and Self-development: education, learning, skill building, career planning and advancement.(Lloyd, n.d.)

Five examples of ways that can expand professional network list

Taking the help of career coaches, job-hunting experts, and career counselors, all lead to the very same result- connecting with one's contact network and enlisting their assistance to unearth job leads.…

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