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Section 1: The Disaster, Man-Made or Natural

The community I live in is susceptible to Blizzards by virtue of the location (i.e. Essex county New Jersey). The Blizzard is a severe condition of the weather that is characterized by cold temperature, reduced visibility, and strong winds by virtue of the blowing or falling snow (Weather Online, 2018). Blizzards are considered as hazards that cause disasters, therefore, leading to excessive mortality and morbidity in many places across the globe (Weather Online, 2018). Blizzards have a great impact on any affected community in relation to the topography and location of that area. The human demography of that area and the properties of the environment that has buildings also affect the impact that Blizzards might have (Weather Online, 2018).

Hypothermia is a common health consequence of Blizzards. It is important for the affected families to stay hydrated in order to avoid the condition (Earth Eclipse, 2018). In extreme circumstances having clean bottled water can mean the difference. Body temperatures must also be kept stable in order to keep blood circulation flowing (Earth Eclipse, 2018). Some people think that consuming snow is as good as taking bottled water. This is not true. Consuming snow lowers body temperature therefore leading to hypothermia.

Where help is not forthcoming it would help to build snow caves. The shelters can help prevent exposure to blocks and snow and the wind as well (Earth Eclipse, 2018). The devastating conditions would not allow anyone to remain in their car. Traveling inside the vehicle can be even more dangerous due to the low visibility and possibility of causing serious accidents. Preparation is fundamental for the purpose of surviving a blizzard inside the car. It is important for the vehicle to have proper equipment including the winter gear. The car should also contain some water for an unforeseen situation.

Blizzards can force a starvation due to inability of the affected communities to access food resources and to cultivate their farms. Blizzards have a far reaching health consequence as well. Various factors dictate the health impact of the Blizzards. The impact suffered depends also on the context under which the Blizzards occur. Some of the immediate consequences of Blizzards include injuries, animal bites, hypothermia, and drowning…

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…sump pumps to suction water from the house (TNAU, 2016)

When the Blizzards emergency hits it is important for the families in danger to have enough supplies stocked and to have their radios on for any updates and evacuation instructions. All power utilities must be turned off and the gas valve must also be turned off. The immunization record, and tetanus shot information should be kept safe for every family member (TNAU, 2016). The bathtubs and other containers should be filled with clean water. Tubs and sinks should also be sanitized by use of bleach. They should then be filled with some clean water. Outdoor possessions like grills, trash cans, and lawn furniture should be securely stored inside the house to prevent property damage and loss.

Section 3: Is My Community Prepared for a Disaster?

The people of Essex New Jersey have the advantage of living in an environment where constant weather updates from the meteorological department are broadcasted. The community is well equipped with prompt information and disaster preparedness management plans. The New Jersey authorities have invested a lot in educating the people of Essex on…

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