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Distance Learning

Presentation points

There are various points regarding distance learning that have to be highlighted. The aim of the teaching program planned here is for students to be somewhere other than the school and still be able to go through a learning process. The name of the different methods used here depends on the networks like Internet, the local school's local area network or a corporation's wide area network. Considering that we are planning a system to provide education to students for ancient languages, we have to try to approach a wide area and thus the site has to be situated on the Internet. (Distance Learning) The system of such a presentation has the following points:-

The advantages of this system are that it provides the education generally provided by qualified teachers for students who would not otherwise have the money to afford learning from them.

This will help students who are not able to afford the learning of this subject, and this happens only because the students can get the required amount of help from this site.

3. It will help the students who have difficulties in attending regular school but can attend this class as they can attend it when they want. (Distance Learning)

4. If the students are staying in a distant place and are not able to attend the classes for this subject due to the remoteness of their house, then this method will help them to attend class.

5. Some of the students in these types of courses are already working and are not able to attend regular classes due to their commitments of reaching the place of work at certain times.

6. Certain incidents occur where the organizations may be willing to set up teaching institute, but cannot do so due to the costs of paying the teachers and the small number of students available.

7. Since the distances between areas requiring such education are quite high, the traveling expense to be paid to the teachers is quite high and that would be difficult to pay for the teaching organization.

8. After some time, the courses reach a high level and the experts available for advanced courses for a short time are low and thus none may be available. (Issues addressed)

These are the disadvantages of the existing sources of getting the same information, and the new course will try to solve the problems of solving these difficulties. At the same time, this is an electronic teaching program and will provide the following advantages for teaching.

1. The development of the course will be only through a certain number of fixed instruction modules

2. The progress will be judged only through a certain number of tests.

3. For every lesson there may be mediation by the concerned teacher.

4. Instead of just taking down some instructions in the dark, there is an instructor who provides valuable guidance.

5. There are possibilities of using computer printers, floppy disks or files sent on the Internet for the students to send assignments. (Hefferon, 1995)

When one considers the situation regarding IT based ancient language instructions, there are many sites that are providing the required information. If a search is made on Google using the correct terminology, and one also provides for the removal of some unwanted elements that may come in, then for Latin, there are already some 1,800 sites which provide this. Similarly for Greek, the number of sites available is something like 700 sites. (Hyper rote: The Role of IT in Ancient Language Teaching) The question is then that we are not trying to get into an area of operation that is totally out of date, or something that cannot be profitable. Many students need to get credits so that they can continue on the courses that they are pursuing. Apart from that, our course shall give them an opportunity to get directed learning as we will have the teacher as the moderator to provide guidance for the students and their development. (Background)

List of materials

The presentation will be made in a hall with full video facilities and this makes it easy to carry the presentation in the form of a Video Disk. The VD may be prepared after charting down the main points in an acceptable format, which should also contain the required images. By following this method, the presentation will be easy to make. And the only thing that will be required further is to carry a long pointer to show the different matters which appear on the screen and to pinpoint them. A provision should be also made for having a remote control at hand so that the presentation could be made to stop while oral points are being discussed. It is expected that there will be questions which will be raised when the presentation is going on and this will necessitate the duration of the stay of the points on the screen to be variable. The same matter will also have print out copies and they should be carried separately so that copies could be given to the individuals who are present at the meeting. And they could also refer to them when they are deciding about the question of sanctioning the loan for the purpose. Thus the total materials required are that of a Video Disk for the material, a remote to control the operations of the video player, printed copies of the matter and a pointer to point out or highlight different material on the screen.

Images to be portrayed and justification for using them

Here we are talking of visual images and not those of oral ones. The visual images that have to be projects should be considered to be a match for the mental images of the subject in the minds of the persons involved in learning, and that is one of the foundations of learning even in the ancient times which used to provide great education. Whether we know anything about them or not, it should be said that in the case of ancient languages, there are certain images which are fixed in our minds regarding them. Let us understand that in the case of Latin, the images were ones of learning and it had to do more with Christianity, since the religion was developed in an era when Latin was the most pre-dominant language in those days. Again in the case of Greeks, it is in relation to the ancient Greek philosophers who were the center of wisdom and it is considered to be so even today. These can be portrayed by means of suitable visual techniques and thereby lead on to suitable subjects of study. These are expected to help us in developing the potential for the usage of these media.

Dress to be worn

The dress to be worn is to be simple, and as the presenter is a man, he will wear a suit of simple colors of shade, preferably some shade of blue. Inside the suit, there will be a shirt, again of light colors, or white. The tie to be worn will also be of a simple design. The objective of is to wear a dress that will not offend anybody. With the dress we will not be in a position to convince anybody to sanction the loan, but it the presenter should also bear in mind that he should not offend anybody to not sanction the loan.

Strategy Plan and approach to make the presentation memorable

The difficulty of setting up a site on the Internet is not in relation to the mechanics of it, as there are several varieties of sources of gaining accessing to the required information. As already discussed, there are a number of sites which exist about the material as it has been mentioned. The question thus now comes to the methods involved that will have to be used for making the site to be popular. This is also true in relation to the presentation to the persons who are expected to finance these projects. Thus a matter which is not linked directly to the subject which we are discussing may be used for the sake of promotion, and what is being talked about here is with regard to the subject of astrology. This is extremely popular among several persons today. Further this can be brought into the levels of presentation by means of the use of the symbols for the 12 astrological signs. It should also be noted that they are also related to these languages and thus there should not be any great difficulty in doing this. At the same time, when the symbols are in the background, and the names of the signs are directly informed during the time of presentation, these will be the items on which the presentation itself will be based on and will be memorable.

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There are some items which can be…

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