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(3) How might you pose a question regarding No Child Left Behind (NCLB) in order to reveal your interviewee's philosophy regarding education?

"Do you believe that the increased focus on standardized testing within the NCLB concept is beneficial to the educational interests of students or harmful to those interests?"

"Do you believe that educational systems should place greater emphasis or less emphasis on standardized testing and why?"

(4) Does the tenure of your interviewee affect his or her philosophy? How do you pose a question so that it will reveal this information?

Absolutely. The tenured of educators would naturally affect their philosophies, particularly to the extent the length of time since their training makes more experienced educators less aware of changes in and the evolution of educational concepts to which they were never exposed. One question that might be useful to reveal this information would be: "What recent changes or new educational methodologies do you believe hold the greatest potential for improving modern education?"

(5) Does information regarding the political views of your interviewee as it applies to the state of education in this country reveal the interviewee's philosophy? If so, how do you construct a question that reflects this?

Absolutely. That would seem to be particularly true of educators with a conservative Republican orientation. Throughout the previous presidential administration, political conservatives seemed to support NCLB and the increased entanglement of religious beliefs and education. Questions that reflect this might include: "Do you think educational philosophies should be evaluated completely apart from the affiliations of their proponents?" And "Would you feel comfortable supporting a political party or candidate that espoused…

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