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Social Network Sites on Relationships

Describe the major research methodologies

In the modern world, the social networking sites are key cons to the existence of trustworthy relationships that last for longer years. The essence of relationship between couples is gaining trust and love. The quality of romantic relationships in the current world has reduced, and the number of partners that are trustworthy has declined. The introduction of the social networks is a vital aspect in the communication sector (Lovett, 2011). Communication is vital between the human beings since it assists in sharing of experiences. Communication also assists the human beings to express the inner feelings that require sharing. Without communications, it is almost difficult for the human beings to survive without desired communication.

Several methodologies used in discovering the effect of the social network sites to the existing romantic relationships. Some of the common social network sites that enable the existence of communication between the humans in the world encompass of facebook and twitter (Easley & Kleinberg, 2010). Through communication via the internet, the human beings are capable of sharing the appropriate communication that assists in strengthening the relationship. However, some of people have taken advantage of the network sites to spoil the romantic relationship that exists.

It is almost difficult for the partners to maintain one single relationship that lasts for a long period. Almost all the young people involved in the love relationship under the age of 18 years have more than one partner. It is almost impossible for the human beings to maintain a single relationship. In the social sites, the young people meet new friends that are freely willing to participate in making love. The young people have concentrated into making love rather than developing the relationship into romantic lasting partners. For this reason, the social have affected the mentality of the young people. The materials accessed from the social networks also motivate people to participate into untrustworthy behavior.

Several research methodologies can be use to discover the impact of the social networks on the relationship encompass of interview and questionnaire. It is vital to discover the actual characteristics of the lovers in the current world to determine the future of the romantic relationship. The romantic relationship existing between the adults that are eighteen years and over is in danger of not existing in the future. According to the research of the World health Organization, most of the young people fail to participate into a meaningful relationship because of lack of trust (Lubkin & Larsen, 2013). Most of the young people fail to trust one another because of the easily accessible love found from older people online. The desperate older people easily fall into love with the young people hence affecting the nature of a romantic relationship. The older heart-broken people demand sex from the young people to pay worst experiences in the past.

Using the questionnaire, the exact number of the people that participated in social network conducting romantic relationship online retrieved. Both written questionnaire and oral questionnaires used in extracting information from the young people that are the commonly use the internet. The use of the questionnaire is essential since it is straightforward to handle and extract information from the young people. The distribution equally questionnaire in three cities were there was the advancement in technology. Using the questionnaire, retrieval of essential information from both the young and the old people indulged into a romantic relationship (Wasserman & Faust, 1998). The questionnaire will mostly focus on the existing romantic relationship and the people involved encompass of the mature adults that experienced heartbreaks in the past. However, the focus of the interview will be to retrieve information and find out if the key cause of the breakup of the partners was social networks.

In each of the three cities, the questionnaire will involve a short time to ensure that the targeted group affected with the interview. The most targeted place will be the public cyber cafe where the internet offered freely to people. Questionnaires and pen offered to young people vital in answering the questions concerning online relationships (Bartkus & Davis, 2007). The available time for each person will be a total of twenty-five minutes to ensure that all the members of the targeted group give a response to the questions. The written questionnaire will be mostly effective in the public areas where silence ought to be promoted to avoid interfering with the other members of the society. However, in open places, the oral questionnaires will be vital and the response of the person in subject recorded.

The interview will also be vital in accomplishing the study concerning the research of the impact of the social networks on a romantic relationship between adults of eighteen years and over. The interview will be essential in extracting information from both adults and the young people that have experienced breakups from love partners. In the instance of direct interview, recording will take place thus the acquired information stored for future reference and retrieved to the forthcoming generation. The information collected from both the interview and the questionnaire will assist in reaching a definite conclusion. The final procedure will be to undertake an analysis of the facts and data collected from the research. The final data obtained from the research details can be represented in graphs, tables and charts to reveal the exact effect of social networks to the romantic relationship between the adults 18 years and over (Aleman, & Wartman, 2009).

To understand the impact of the social network sites on a romantic relationship between the adults 18 years and above the interdisciplinary research, approach will be essential. The interdisciplinary research approach encompasses the use of numerous sources that have detailed information concerning the topic of study. The information obtained from the research sources used in conjunction to obtain the best results. The use of interdisciplinary research approach in conducting research, however considered a traditional means of research. In conducting research, the information obtained from the numerous sources combined to achieve a single understanding of the topic.

In this case, the interdisciplinary research approach will be used to research about the impact of the social networks on the romantic relationship of adults 18 years and over (Glanz, et al. 2008). In the study, numerous sources of information concerning the social sites will be retrieved. Various case studies carried out concerning the social sites such as facebook and twitter. Personal experiences will also be considered to ensure that exact details concerning the broken relationship are retrieved.

The first source of the interdisciplinary research approach is the use of case studies concerning the topic. The case study are written by people who have experienced love over the social network sites and later heartbroken by the partners. In the process, the people decide to compile a case study that explains the love experience. Using the case study, people can learn the impact of the social sites hence refrain or rather learn the proper way of handling the relationship issues. The case studies concentrate on the manner in which the social networks have caused havoc in relationship. According to the various case studies written concerning social networks and romantic relationship, it identified that most of the social sites lead to breaking up of couples (Davies, 1996). The case studies also imply that most of the couples that show their love over the social sites have more than one couple. This indicates that it is almost impossible for the romantic relationships to survive in the social sites since the couples are involved in other external affairs.

Another source of interdisciplinary research approach essential for the study are the real life experience that dominate the internet and have experiences in romantic love over the internet. The research obtained from the people through…

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