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Electronic Medical Records

Over the years, with the technological development and digitalization of almost all the processes, there have been calls for the healthcare technology to be adopted in a wider sense of it. This has been mainly on the development of the appropriate chip and other electronic storage systems that can hold the information about each American's medical information and any other relevant data like the physical address and the migration trend if the person moves from one town to another or even across the borders. This has been argued to be aimed at ensuring that the information about the individual is readily available to help in medically assisting the individual incase anything happens. Several methods of fully digitalizing this process have been suggested, the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) being one of the major methods thought of.

Purpose of the project

Many healthcare facilities of late turn to this system of keeping records and there is nee for our health canter to adopt this technology as a means to quality improvement imitative for the nursing practice. There are many clients who visit the facility and in line with the HIPAA guidelines, there is need to have clear and accurate records of each client which must also be confidential. The nurses within the facility need also to have ease of access to the medical records when they are contacted by another facility on the


This project is geared towards eliminating this waste of time and energy and to make the electronic records easy to retrieve. Ball, Weaver & Kiel, (2004) note that in most health facilities, the focus changed in the late 1990s where, after some thorough research on the health facilities, there was change of attention towards supporting the full integration of the healthcare system and the entire clinical process through introduction of technology.

Target population

The electronic health records project will have two categories of population in consideration. The first are the thousands of clients who visit the faculty annually to receive the services that are offered by the body of competent nurses who are committed at their work. These clients will have their records securely captured and stored for their own benefit when they visit the facility again or when they will need the record passed on to another medical practitioner who has the authority to access the medical records for them to accurately know how to further handle the client.

The other populations are the hundreds of nurses who work within the facility, giving their best service to the clients. The integration of the electronic record keeping will ensure ease of access of the information on individual clients…

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