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Entertainment Poll

In a recent poll teens between the ages of 12 to 17 who were polled. In the poll 69% said that they believed it was legal to copy a CD from a friend who had purchased the original. Only 21% said that it was legal to copy such a CD if the friend got the music for free. 58% felt it was legal to copy the friend's purchased videotape or DVD. 19% thought copying was legal if the film was not purchased ("Is copying a," 2011) . The entertainment industry feels that this will cost them billions of dollars in lost revenue.

Political Poll

The first poll is a Gallup poll that deals with popular attitudes about George Bush, and Barack Obama. In the poll, a majority rated President Obama "about the same" or "worse" than George W. Bush, according to a new Gallup poll. It polled a random sample of 1004 adults who were asked to compare two presidents. In terms of results, 4% said that Obama was a worse president than George W. Bush. 22% said Obama was approximately the same. A 43% plurality said that they preferred Obama's handling of the presidential office (Jones, 2011)...


15-18 and possesses an error margin of plus or minus 4 percentage points. It did not specify the criteria for comparing the two presidents. Many results were predictable. Democrats were the most supportive of the President. Republicans favored former President Bush in the poll. Responses from independent voters are the most worrisome for Obama: disturbingly, 67% say that they considered him the same or worse than Bush (ibid).

Such findings point up the challenges Obama will face in a run for a second term. Many voters are dissatisfied with the direction of the U.S. And their own dire economic situations concerning money losses and unemployment. Earlier in the week, a separate Gallup poll conducted found for the first time that a slight majority of Americans (53%) blame Obama now for the nation's economic troubles. Previously, most respondents did not blame Obama. But Bush as bearing most responsibility for the recession (ibid).

Another poll on Obama is showing that his likeability is keeping him afloat as president. The Associated Press-GfK poll showed that 8 in 10 people felt that Obama was a likable person. Slightly more than half said of the respondents said…

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