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My business has taught me important lessons about becoming a successful businessman. I have learned financial planning as well as time management and I have become more responsible on the whole knowing that my actions can affect my customers. The only problem that I face is because of my habit of procrastination. I tend to wait till the last minute to get things done. Somehow my business has helped me in becoming a more organized person and someone who always meets deadlines However I take satisfaction in my work plus give a 110% to everything I do. I am often seen as someone who likes to do things properly.

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In addition, everyone can clean a car but only a specialized car detailer can provide a car the care it needs. I take pride in the fact that not only do I provide a good service; I also love my job and hence can assist customers in a much better way. I understand the loveliness and brilliance of a well maintained car and thus pay extra attention to each and every detail of the car's interior and exterior. Exterior includes q-tip vents, dash and nooks and crannies, wax car to glass shine. Hand was with bag for removal, clean engine; exterior.door lambs detailed, windows, whitewalls tired and interior includes carpet vacuuming along with shampooing and hair removal. I charge less than other people in the business and my clients love coming to me for professional automotive service at affordable cost.

A love my business and enjoy each day at work because it gives me the feeling of being independent as well as doing something constructive. I have learned that when you start a business, it's important to get into the field that you enjoy the most. Don't try to make money simply for the sake of money because if you do that, you will end up with some dough but with no self-fulfillment and satisfaction.

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