Existence Of God On Using Thesis

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6 Is there any comfort in these? None. There is no comfort in believing that one's existence -- joys and sufferings included -- is meaningless. If it were so, then there's no point in doing good rather than evil. If there is no immortality with God, then there is no Judgment and Hitler won't be any less of a saint than Mother Theresa. In a world without God, morality loses its value and we cannot condemn crime and war as evil or say that love and peace are good.6 Everything becomes subjective and we can do as we please. This leads to chaos, and there is no comfort in chaos. Further, if the Universe is doomed, then it...


It doesn't matter if we can make the earth more sustainable or to seek ways to cure cancer or develop a swine flu vaccine. In a world without God, man's life is reduced to that of an insect -- no meaning, purpose, or hope.

Hence, atheism, according to Craig, is absurd. Theism, specifically Biblical Christianity, makes more sense out of life because it offers life with meaning and purpose.6


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