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She had on several occasions taken aback when she felt that she saw some professors. She stated that her concern was not his classmates coming there as they cannot afford to be members of strip club on a regular basis. There are other dancers who have identified familiar people in the audience arena, and just chose to remain out of the limelight and not perform that particular night. As regards her friends, Keiko stated that she disclosed to his classmates she believed she could tackle. Keiko divulged that since the four years she was engaged as a dancer, she would earn up to $400 stretched over a five-hour slot. After that she said that the earnings have slipped down to nearly $150-$250 per night. (Censored Lives)

Keiko even identifies the diversity among career dancers and those who have just joined while working on their future careers. According to her, old timers are equipped three qualities. They are aware of their beauty, they know they are chic, and they have mastered the art of conversing with people. Keiko left dancing when she got an on-campus job. She completed her second degree two semesters back and have already absorbed in a job as Software Engineer. She's adapting to her new, somewhat less exotic assignment. Even though risks are present in exotic dancing, Keiko announced that the advantages make it a job she suggests to other students who are looking for hordes of money and time, till they remember one thing. Everybody needs to have a goal. Moreover, in her case it was a job which was more paying compared to dancing.

Essence, another local dancer who is a graphic designer with Pima, replied that the negative typecast concern her. 'They're simple, they're sluts'. (Censored Lives) However, things do not unroll in that fashion; simply it is about girls who are at ease with their bodies. According to Essence regarding the striper's current earnings that there is nothing called as average income, you end up either winning or losing. While at school, she would not truly talk about what her performances were until the topic came through, which she states that never happened very frequently. She stated that her advisor had full knowledge regarding it. In the education environment, it crops up as a discussion in some type of women's studies class; these matters do not crop up. To Essence, dancing in her case is merely an objective of shifting to a university, after her completing her general education needs finished. According to her, it is a job and her colleagues and managers are wonderful, but at the end of the day it is just a job. (Censored Lives)

According to Dawn Passar, one of the co-founders of EDA - Exotic Dancer's Alliance together with Johanna Breyer, when she landed in San Fransisco in 1982 for the first time, she was unaccompanied and wanted money and this was the reason behind her stripping. She declares that the dancers are required to be informed properly regarding their labor rights, in respect to their employee status, and work consensually at having solidarity in their job work. The dancers can form a cohesive group and float a co-op strip club -- in doing so job conditions can be enhanced. (Exotic Dancers)


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