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Sexual Abuse Case Study It is always difficult to effect a form of treatment to help individuals such as Max, who are suffering from inflicting sexual abuse crimes. Still, the best means of going about doing so would likely involve some form of psychotherapy or psychological counseling. Ideally Max should be able to seek such help while in a secluded environment in which he has minimal (if any) interaction with children and individuals who are minors in general. This form of therapy and counseling could ideally help Max to realize that such behavior is not acceptable and is in itself some form of perversion that, with willingness on his part, good psychiatric help, and the aid of prescription medication to help him regulate his moods and sexual proclivities, he can overcome.

I would supervise and manage Max within the community as one would any sort of typical sex offender -- which is just what Max is. I would have him register with the federal registry for such offenders, which could help to put restrictions on where Max lives and how he interacts with


Thus, were he to attempt to regain some form of employment in the future, his ability to do so in situations that involve children would be severely mitigated. In some states, for instance, registered sex offenders cannot even live in areas that are within a certain distance from schools or parks (and other places where children might gather. Simply by adhering to these mandates Max could be governed efficaciously. The likely consequences of the Max's behavior for his victims would involve psychological and psychiatric damage -- especially as it pertains to sex. There are a number of different victims of sexual encounters (particularly young girls and women) who have difficulty interacting with those from the opposite sex for a substantial amount of time when they have endured sexual abuse. Those who are able to do so at all may have long-term difficulties in this area of their lives. In fact, the same sort of psychological and psychotherapeutic counseling that Max needs might help his victims to overcome the mental trauma they might have suffered pertaining to his criminal activities.

Max may have prolonged this sort of sexual abuse of his students for such a lengthy amount of time due to several factors. Probably the most salient of these is that he was able to get away with this abuse for as long as he did. With the number of students that have stepped forward since his arrest, it is quite likely that Max was abusing students for the vast majority of his teaching career. Again, the sort of anonymity he was able to have due to the fact that he was not caught until several years later probably contributed to this fact. Another…

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