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Fake News

One of Donald Trump’s common terms or catch phrases when he rants and raves on social media would happen to be “fake news”.  This pejorative is commonly aimed at news outlets like CNN and other media outlets that cover him, fairly or not. CNN et al commonly recoils and reacts to that term in very negative and reflexive ways. There is some truth to what Trump says about the media, at least in some instances. However, to suggest that lies and deceit are the only problem in the news media and/or that it is only limited to CNN or the anti-GOP side of the argument is simply not true. While the media has some issues and propaganda is indeed a problem on the social media sphere, “fake news” is far from being the only one and politicians have their own faults and flaws.


The author of this response wishes to be precise when it comes to this argument. The assertions that will be made can be generalized. However, so that the arguments are precise and measured, some specific examples will be used. As such, the CNN vs. Trump volleys will be the main focus. Trump actually has a point, at least at times, when it comes to CNN doing “fake” or otherwise shoddy news (Klein and Wueller). At the same time, there are plenty of instances where CNN is absolutely a legitimate news organization that is doing its job. Which applies at any given time, of course, depends on the details of the situation. Conversely, there are times where Trump has a point about his criticisms of the news industry, whether it be CNN or otherwise. However, there are other times where he is clearly over-generalizing or is otherwise deflecting from something he is concerned or embarrassed about. Despite the failings of these arguments, it does not stop CNN or Trump from over-generalizing, cherry-picking the details that they wish to focus on or otherwise being intellectual dishonest or, for lack of a better word, juvenile. An example of Trump clearly behaving badly would be when he tars and feathers all of CNN for the actions of a few people. On the other hand, when CNN makes it a point to focus on whether or not Sara Huckabee Sanders, the current White House spokesperson, actually baked the chocolate pecan pie that she featured on Twitter over the…

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