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The government becomes god in that circumstance, and can get away with anything, including mass genocide (the Origin of Rights - posted on." True freedom should be given to individuals who do not harm other members of society.

One classic example of a lack of freedom that does not make sense is teenage curfew. Thousands of cities across the nation impose teenage curfews. The governments of those cities choose an arbitrary time by which teens have to be home or they can be taken into custody and their parents can be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor for letting their child be out past curfew.

Curfew laws impose on what freedoms should be allowed. Why is it necessary for teenagers to come in at a certain time? Who exactly do they harm if they are not in by that time?

Curfew in and of itself is an extreme violation of personal freedom. It does not allow personal choice and it interferes with actions that do not harm anyone.

Another example of lack of freedom is same sex marriages. Same sex marriages do not harm anyone and should be the choice of the two people who want to get married.

Humans are reasoning and logical animals capable of making right and wrong choices. Allowing complete freedom of any action or choice that does not harm other members of society is something that should be accepted throughout the world.

If it harms no one, there is no reason to disallow...


It would unclog the courtrooms because of the many cases that actually involve personal choice such as curfew, prostitution and other personal choices that harm no one. It would also allow for a more cohesive living environment for society at large because it would stop trying to micromanage its members and would concentrate on things that are more pressing like the environmental issues and world hunger.
If the world began allowing personal freedoms as long as they did not harm other members of society the world would become less angry, less war torn and more peaceful.

Governments should not legislate personal choices. They should leave personal choice to the individuals and only concern themselves with global issues that impact the entire population.

If this was accomplished people would be able to live their lives in peace and freedom, the way constitutions around the world claim they already can.

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