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S. citizens. In this program designed to help young ones value the freedoms they currently experience: according to Tyler Barnwell, stands for grievance, as in "to petition the government for a redress of grievances." which denotes religious freedom, Leslie Anne Hill, a Presbyterian, states:

"means you don't have to follow a certain religion." stands for freedom of assembly, Sherri Jones states is "the right to get together with other people peaceably, but not to disturb anyone." which is for freedom of speech, Stephanie Kenfield relates: "means you can say anything you want to say, and nobody can stop you or anything, but not bad words and stuff." stands for freedom of the press, Justin Jolly explains: "You could write and say anything you want on a piece of paper or in a newspaper or anything like that." "Getting a grasp..., 1994)

The ruling for The Alpha Epsilon Pi v. The College of Staten Island University case will hopefully help some individuals secure a better grasp on the freedoms afforded by the First Amendment, as it also gives credence to the contention Cicero (Ibid.) contributed more than 2900 years ago: "Freedom is a possession of inestimable value." As history continues to record different measure of life's events, perhaps more individuals will realize the truth in what Juliana McCahan, an eighth-grade teacher at Smiley Middle School in Denver, Colorado notes: "This is a participatory democracy, through voting, through petitioning, through assembling, and in order to participate in a democracy, you need to know its foundation, its roots,...


You need to have an appreciation for the rights we have."

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