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Existence of God

Philosophically there are a number of arguments that can be made in favor of the existence of God. When looking at the way in which planets, nature and human beings are put together, and when looking at human history, it is difficult not to believe there is a God.

Firstly, when looking at the physical universe, there is order. There are laws according to which things work, and according to which existence is ruled. The same is true of the universe of atoms, electrons and protons. Very specific scientific rules govern everything. This incredible mechanism for me speaks of an intelligent, thinking force behind it all. God is the intelligent creator of an ordered universe.

Secondly, order and rules can also be seen in the natural world on earth. The earth is the only planet in our galaxy that is known to contain life. The conditions on our planet are perfect for the existence of plants, animals and human beings. Everything lives because of, in relation to, and depending on everything else on earth. Again, the order and rules here are put together in a very logical way, suggesting an intelligent creative force.

Thirdly, the nature of human life is a reflection of the divine. The most obvious argument that can be made for this is history. Globally, human history includes the worship of something. It seems to be an innate desire of human beings, no matter how ancient or how sophisticated, to worship a higher power. Even today, tolerance is preached for each way of worship, rather than atheism. If science were truly sufficient to replace religion, the last churches would have been closed long ago, but this is not the case. Science in fact, as seen above, only confirms the existence of an extremely intelligent creative force.

I'm of course not saying that any form of worship is the correct or only one. What I'm saying is that when one looks at the world and everything that exists, it is extremely difficult to deny the existence of some intelligent creating force behind…

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