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Believe About God

Looking at the atheist worldview on believe about God as a myth that people have invented to make them feel better we tend to find out whether it is impossible to have a high moral character without belief in God.

As I was getting settled into my set for a very long plane ride home a was I got to know that the person next to me was a devoted atheist who believed that God is a myth that people have invented to make them feel better, he asked me what I believed about God. Since iam a Christian I believe that God is real, the creation the origin of life and the universe gives me a concrete reason to believe in God instead of seeking real answers. Another thing is the idea of loving God is sweet and the idea that there is eternal life. That is a person will never truly die and will someday be reunited with every soul and everyone who used to be dear this is an impressive idea. My believe in God comes from faith.

On atheistic worldview concrete foundation exists for the affirmation of objective moral values, moral duties and moral accountability. If we believe that moral values and duties do exist, we should absolutely have good grounds for believing that God exists. The question posted is whether we can be good without God or whether we can feel better without God. Christian theists find God as source of moral strength and resolve which enables us to live to be better than those who should live without him. We cannot say that those who do not believe in God do not have good moral lives; we cannot also claim that people cannot be good without belief in God.(Phillips,2008)

If God exists, then the objectivity of moral values, moral duties and moral accountability is in safe custody, but on the other side…

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