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God and Creation

Has the concept of God well and truly woven itself into the very psyche of the average American citizen? What exactly does the average American think about God? As a matter of fact, each and every American must take some time to sit back and think deeply about these issues, and also pay close attention to the power and influence of God in the history of America. Perhaps a visitor to the national Capital would not be complete without a visit to certain of the most important historic and monumental exhibits present therein, which would undoubtedly prove that God does exists in the psyche of the American citizen. For example, when one visits the National Archives, which hosts the original document of the Declaration of Independence, one would note that it is there that one would find the 'immortal phrase' which states that we are "endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights among which are Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," and these words in fact declare the beginning of independence for the American citizen.

It is a fact that psychologists and theologians have been attempting to, for the past hundreds of years, integrate the two fields of work, ever since the science of psychology first emerged as a successful independent field of study. When the two fields happened to intersect, it was then that fruitful production was achieved, while at the same time instigating numerous problems as well as conflicts. At the outset, it must be remembered that people in general find it difficult to both understand and also to experience God as such. The reason for this may perhaps be the phenomenon that reveals that the various beliefs and experiences of God have quite a few distinctly differing levels and intensities. At the same time, most people believe in certain limitations and boundaries when it comes to believing in God and in His greatness, especially when He taken as the Creator of man.

When taken in the psychoanalytic sense, the very Image of God depends to a large extent on that individual's perception and in his experience of God. This can become the emotional experience that one has when contemplating God and it was only in later years that the idea and concept of God, as seen in a God Concept was developed by Lawrence, in the year 1997. However, when seen in a basic way, a person's God Concept refers to a cognitive or a theological comprehension of God by him. When the two concepts of God Image and God Concept occur simultaneously in an individual, then they may be quite different form one another. This would naturally mean that anger, anxiety and guilt would be built up within him, and as the God Concept, or in other words, an individual's cognitive understanding of God develops, it would grow along the lines of what he is taught about God, and what he actually learns in the long run, about God.

The content of God Image on the other hand, is primarily emotionally based. Research has confirmed the fact that the God Image in a child's mind has largely emerged as a result of the basic relationship that he has had with his primary caretaker or with his parents. According to Rizzuto, the primary parent may differ from one child to another, and it can be either the father or the mother as the child sees fit. While the God Concept is infinitely more dominating as far as the conscious thought is concerned, the God Image need not necessarily mean the same. This may be why, when a person is asked about God, they generally tend to think first about their God concept, or what they do believe about God. This happens whether or not they are actually conscious of the God Image.

When it is an American citizen who is asked the same question, then he would most probably say that he was indeed blessed by God to live in such a wonderful country that is America. He would also most probably state that even when America is at her very worst, she is far above the rest of the countries of the world. However, there are many more people of the United States of America who feel that America is not at all what she was some years before; in fact, they often lament what exactly has happened to America as a country, of late. There are many reasons that are stated for this statement. Some of them are the substantial increase in crime in America, fuelled by drug abuse and teenage pregnancy and inadvertent and unabated violence. Divorce is also often quoted as a significant reason for America declining in its power. In addition, the past few years have actually represented the taking away of God from classrooms and from workplaces, and even from courtrooms.

In fact, in the year 1973, when 'abortion' was legalized, it became legal for a mother to get rid of her very own unborn and unwanted baby, just because it was not convenient for her at that time to give birth to her baby. Large scale discussions would be held about the rights of the mother, with absolutely no consideration for the rights of the unborn baby. In fact, it is often stated that the sins of America rise as high as the very Heavens today. Today, an individual feels that he can express his very own God given sensual desires in a variety of innovative ways, and some of these may even include pornography, adultery, and homosexuality. Murders, rapes, and unwonted anger over minor issues have all taken over the streets of America today, and everywhere, and at every turn, there are unabated and aggressive forms of violence, so much so that the people of America seem to have adopted their own standards of operation.

Despite all this, there is absolutely no doubt in an average American's mind that he is very proud to call himself an American. Why is it so? There are manifold reasons for this phenomenon, and maybe one of the first reasons is that the United States is one country that has the greatest resources on Planet Earth that can help those who desperately need help. This is the reason that Americans are able to help feed the starving human beings in Africa, of Asia, and elsewhere in the world. This is also the reason that America is able to help free those who are being held as captives anywhere in the world, and in the process being able to successfully promote peace, harmony, love, and independence.

Restraint is an important part of all these policies, because if America did not practice restraint, then there would be a blatant misuse of its very power, and therefore, this power, instead of aiding and helping and liberating others in need and in distress, would be utilized for other purposes, like conquering the weak, and so on. One prefect example of this type of aid is the befriending of Israel that was carried out by the United States of America, at her time of dire need, when she was standing facing a solid wall of opposition. Any numbers of American citizens have been sacrificed in the quest for peace and liberation, and God knows how many tender human lives have been sacrificed for the cause.

It must be stated here that the Founders of the United States of America were the persons who felt compelled to accomplish the establishment of a nation, led as they were by God Almighty, the likes of which had never before been in existence, and perhaps, would never be seen again. There is factual evidence to show that within a few short years, young America was able to prove her prowess to the rest of the world by the many advances that she was able to make in the fields of productivity, education, and technology. Even today, America continues to lead the rest of the world, with all her advances in the fields of productivity, education, and technology and America is today one of the more prosperous nations of the whole world.

One must indeed be thankful to the many Christian men and women who have had to sacrifice their own lives so that their country may prosper and be one of the foremost and most advanced countries in the whole world, and there is absolutely no doubt at all that these people were guided by the hand of God in all their good works. It must be remembered that despite all the sins that are being committed today, there is still hope; hope is never lost for the citizen of America, and one must of course trust and believe in the fact that God is slow to anger and abounds in love and faithfulness. Therefore, one must always, and always seek God, constantly, and it is this that will make the American citizen much greater even, than…

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