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Also, a very liberal strategy like the one that Mexico took after the NAFTA agreements is dangerous to a newly independent state. Extreme liberalization worked well for Mexico because a large and confident Mexico felt like it could benefit greatly from increased trade and labor transfer with the United States, without being pushed around in the agreement, and Canada helped to maintain neutrality. The Joyan Islands, on the other hand, have no competitive edge on the United States or any other large trading power, and therefore must follow the example of Singapore and specialize in very specific and profitable ventures, best managed by the technocratic state. I will allow DeWine to operate freely on the islands of Zafiro and Esmeralda, but will nationalize mining on the largest island, Rubi. In order to consolidate power in the newly formed state, it is important to completely secure the main power base island from outsider influence. Particularly in this fragile time, foreign interference can set off the relationships of the young state in a weaker than normal position. Ironically, Cuba's isolation allows it to maintain some allure of still being relevant and powerful in the Caribbean, simply because it is the one nation which does not bend its will to the United States. Likewise, The Joyan Islands will create a very strong national identity by nationalizing its mining powers, however not in a violent form as the Cuban Communists had done.

The reason I believe it is acceptable to allow the mining operations to continue on Zafiro and Esmeralda is because the young state is not yet industrialized, and still must raise money some way. As long...


Also, foreign companies require infrastructure that is expensive to build, and therefore they will be picking up some of the costs of the state to build roads and ports for example. Having a foreign presence also reminds the Amero-Indian peoples that the Joyan Islands are not alone in the world, and therefore it is better to be controlled from the island Rubi than to be foreign controlled by Spain. Being able to blame the foreign businesses if local unrest is stirred also helps the central government maintain its grip on power, as it can leverage these situations to maximize popularity and power for the long-term.
In conclusion, the Joyan Islands are going to keep to a very regimented society controlled by a strong parliament and business elite, in order to rapidly industrialize and compete in the global economy, at the expense of local culture and political inclusion. These sacrifices are difficult to make, as free and open societies are clearly the most successful. The Joyan Islands cannot skip the steps however, and expect to be extravagantly wealthy like the United States but without the hardship of forming an industrial economy. It is important to keep cultural control on Spanish roots, in order to softly expand the language and hard working culture to the less developed Amero-Indian populations. If these steps are followed for twenty years, the next generation of the Joyan Islands will experience incredible wealth and have an excellent outlook for the future.

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