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The legal team is also putting pressure on everyone now that that they have the Metric Streams report. While the Metric Streams audit has added pressure at this moment in the firm's history, it will also in the long run greatly aid our PATRIOT Act compliance by taking a lot of the guess work out of the mix.

Based upon the report from Metric Streams, as well as legal team and top management directives to lower level management, new leadership for the team has recently been appointed. Roles have been reassigned and we have a number of team building "release sessions" where members can express their frustrations during this period. Based upon Blair, the criticism will be required to be neutral, constructive and as friendly as possible while realistic (Blair). This will hopefully discourage personal oppression since team members will have it explained to them that the people in leadership are only doing their jobs. It is understood by the senior partners that a degree of conflict is inevitable and that it is alright to express this, but ultimately, the performing were the highest (25) so there is great motivation and enthusiasm to get to the performing stage. Motivation levels have been high due to the camaraderie that has been maintained through the crisis period. We are confident that this should take us through to a positive conclusion in this difficult transition period (Grazier, 2011). Ultimately, the exercise will take the pressure off of us and obviate possible federal or legal actions in the years to come in our firm.

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