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Health Care Administration Profession

As a health care manager, the reason for choosing this profession and the day-to-day activities which fill my schedule are often vary different. As a health care professional, I entered this profession to make a contribution to the health and well being of my fellow soldiers. I chose to become a part of the support system which keeps the military functioning, and able to freely commit themselves to the defense of our country. As a health care manager, my time is filled with responsibilities which revolve around 4 categories that have little to do with the daily care of the soldiers and civilians who use our facilities. My job responsibilities focus on the Administrative, financial, legal, ethical, and financial aspects of keeping the medical care facilities operational (so that the other health card staff, such as doctors and nurses, can tend to the medical well-being of the patients.

Administratively, I am responsible to keep the diverse staff functioning as a team. A multicultural mindset has taken hold in most professional environments, including the armed services. This has created a diverse set...
...While the military chain of command remains strong, as a health care administrator I am continually challenged to creatively assist my staff to work together. We see changes in demographics of staff and those we serve, and changes in technology which create a flood of increased demand on our resources. The multicultural mindset may be a positive paradigm to assist staff to accept the difference between us, but the increased number of differences demands increased management and problem solving time. These changes are occurring at a time when changes in financing and care management create an earthquake of system instability. (Kirkman-Liff, 2002)

Driving the financial changes in the health delivery system are rising health care costs in the public and private care sectors. The military health care systems can not remain unaffected to the rising costs because we are interrelated. We purchase medicines form the same sources, and we purchase the same diagnostic machinery. While military wages are not as volatile as in the civilian world, the cost of health care…

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