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Based on the readings, what could Tennessee do to make political and bureaucratic functionaries more accountable?

Public Administration, but virtue of its role in society, must be held accountable for corrupt and unethical actions. Public administration plays both a vital and integral role within the overall political climate of America and as such, must be held to a high standard. Many voters look to public officials as representatives of their communities and expect them to act responsibility while upholding the values of their constituency. Unfortunately, as recent events in Tennessee have shown, political stakeholders often put their own interest ahead of those who they have sworn to help. As a result, more action should be taken to hold political officials who stray from their mandate to be more accountable.

To begin, bureaucratic accountability is defined as the principle of political accountability that is applied to control bureaucratic power. Therefore, the first element to hold public officials more accountable is eliminating conflicts of interest that could undermine their overall objectivity when making critical decisions about bureaucratic power. A very contentious debate currently underway in America is the idea of public funding of elections for officials. Currently large political stakeholders and bureaucratic organizations have higher access to political officials due to large donations, political contributions, and other arrangements that provide benefits to the official. In these circumstances, the official’s decision making could be impaired based on this relationship. By having publicly funded elections, this could potential hamper some of the conflicts of interest that can arise through large political donations from various bureaucratic stakeholders (Rich, 2015).

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