Human Behavior And The Social Environment: Family Challenges Chapter

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Human Behavior and the Social Environment: Family Challenges

Human interactions are guided by the ability of every player to get close to the other in such a manner that allows each of them to handle the issues that affect them. This is mostly witnessed in a family setup, where the people are made to understand the best of what can upset them at all times. This is where the players in a family setup have to consider making up with their desires and addressing everyone's concern for the sake of the family unity. In most instances, the people who must be accommodated are the children because their happiness is premised on the guidance from parents (Papero, 2010). The two most essential theories used to foster our understanding of family relationships are the family systems theory and the attachment theory.

Attachment Theory

Attachment theory explains how the human beings in every setting have to interact and handle their relationships for helping each other stay comfortably. In the case study, Alice and her daughter Maria are seen to be engaged in a relationship challenge....


Alice is full of irresponsibility and lacking the ability the parental instinct that a mother must have. Evidently, she has been mishandling her daughter by failing to give her the much-needed attention and due care (Slade, 2014). The behavior of involving herself in drug abuse has affected the child and has consequently forced the authorities to prevail on her. As the attachment theory presents, the relationship between the parents and their children ought to be protected at all costs. This also applies to all the players in any form of relationship, other than the family unit. All that is needed in any family arrangement or any form of human interaction is the arrangement where all the players respect themselves and respect each other well.

In Alice's case, the family system had totally failed. As a result, this had to be handled with caution and care with the intention of protecting the interests of the child and other related parties. The government always has a plan that is meant to tame whatever is happening in a family setting. In all cases, the interests of the child come first. The government will always be expected to protect these interests by enabling the players in the system to respect each other.

Family Systems Theory

The theory holds that each player in a family system has to ensure that he or she handles the challenges facing him or her through respect and understanding. In this system of interrelations, it is important to note that whenever people interact with each other, they have the basic mandate to handle the emotions…

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