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human service professional . How characteristics compare

There are many different attributes that human service professionals need to be effective in their profession. Obviously, there is a certain degree of intelligence and mental acuteness necessary to work in this field. But there are also certain subtleties that these professionals must be cognizant of which can influence their decisions and how they carry out their work. Human services is a profession in which compassion can actually help people just as much as any formal policy or procedure. As such, it largely appear to me that the three characteristics of a human service professional that should be the most salient are patience, kindness, and understanding. These traits are intrinsically related to one another because they can all produce an empathetic compassion which is an integral part of a job in which the goal is to help people, not simply bureaucratically treat them as files. By internalizing and actually producing action from these three characteristics, human service professionals can actually make a difference in this line of work.

Patience, kindness and understanding should ideally function as the most eminent characteristics of a human service professional. These same three traits correlate to the Bible and to Christianity in that they largely serve as virtues. Quite simply, it is desirable for Christians to act patiently in their dealings with other people, as well as to temper their interactions with understanding and kindness. In fact, one can successfully argue that these virtues were demonstrated best by Jesus Christ himself as found by any number of scriptural passages. Moreover, there are other passages in the Bible in which kindness, understanding and patience are viewed as characteristics. Some of these scriptures emphasize more than one of these virtues in the same verse. For instance, 1 Corinthians 13:4 states "Love is patient, love is kind" (Corinthians). Love is a critical form of compassion that can temper actions; the virtues of patience and kindness help to make it so.

The characteristic that I most see in myself is kindness. It is not difficult for someone to be kind. Developing this characteristic is not overly time consuming or something that requires a lot of preparation. I have an innate kindness that is largely based on my empathetic nature. In general, I am kind to people and to animals, to plants as well as to most living things that are…

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