Improvement Plan For Criminal Narcotics Activity Along The Southern Border Essay

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Combating Criminal Narcotics Activity Along Southern Border

The initiatives the 2009 Recovery Act funds must accomplish program-specific goals, and must be developed for furthering at least one of its general purposes, which are creation and preservation of jobs, promotion of economic recovery; assisting individuals most adversely affected by recession; providing investments required for increasing economic efficiency, through spurring technological advancements in health and science; investing in environmental protection, transportation, and other infrastructure which will offer economic gains in the long-term and stabilization of local and federal government budgets, for minimizing and preventing increases in counter-productive local and State tax, and reductions in vital services (FDA, n.d.).

Identify two or three goals of your program

Goal #1: Recovery Act: Job Preservation

A significant decline has been seen in manpower at the Drug Enforcement Bureau in the last eight months, with a loss of four squads. These posts were transferred, because of budgetary issues, to patrol tasks. Funding under Recovery Act will ensure complete future functioning of, and activity in, the Technical Surveillance Division of the Department for aiding external and internal partners with probes (Wals, 2012).

Goal # 2: Recovery Act: Job Creation

Funding through Recovery Act will lead to creation of a full-time position of criminal intelligence analyst. The analyst will directly work with data-driven support strategies, and with detectives, for battling narcotics-related criminal activities. During the first 6 months after receiving the grant, the program will hire...


No service disruption is expected by the Department (Wals, 2012).

Goal # 4: Combating criminal narcotics activities along USA's Southern border

An up-to-date system for recap reporting will be maintained by the Police Department, for grant-related three-monthly reports, as needed (Wals, 2012).

Describe outcome objectives for each goal.

Goal #1: A report on police department's capacity to retain existing manpower in its Technical Surveillance Division will be submitted, which will restore one sworn post (Wals, 2012)

Goal #2: In the grant program's first 6 months, the department will hire a full-time employee for criminal intelligence analysis. Information on this analyst will be provided with three-monthly report, as appropriate. (Wals, 2012)

Goal #3: Technical surveillance equipment unavailability renders some service demands incomplete. Recovery act financing ensures better equipment in the technical surveillance team for assisting the department with its requirements (Wals, 2012).

Goal# 4: Recap reports will determine Returns on Investment. The reports will reveal 4 categories of seizures: weapons, U.S. currency, drugs and real estate/property (Wals, 2012).

Resources needed to implement the program

State and Local Law Enforcement Assistance Program: Countering Illegal Narcotics Activity arising from the south demands improvement in local law enforcers' capacity to tackle the growing problem of illegal narcotics activity springing from the nation's southern border areas. Competitively chosen projects will use this grant to…

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