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Information System Briefing

the Process of selecting & acquiring an Information System (IS) for Healthcare:

Any medical organization planning to go for an IS must choose an efficient Electronic Patient Record -- EPR which is the starting point of any computerized system. Effectiveness of the following points must drive the process of selection and acquisition of an IS. These are (i) Patient care which is the documented record of every patient undergoing process at the medical care unit. (ii) Communication: Patient records constitute and important means through which doctors, nurses and other are able to communicate with one another regarding patient requirements. (iii) Legal documentation: Legal documentation is important as these keep track document care as well as treatment, can become legal records. (iv) Billing and reimbursement: Patient record delivers the documentation which is used by patients to verify billed services. (v) Research and quality management: Patient records are used in a lot of facilities for research purposes as also for assessing the quality of care which is being provided. Hence the importance of maintaining exhaustive and precise patient records is indispensable. The other guiding factors for the selection process are outcome measures and


(Wager; Lee; Glase, 2009)

It is important to align comparative data and information with organizations' quality improvement endeavors. For instance, an organization might collect data on specific outcome measure and thereafter make use of this information in a benchmarking process. Thus outcome measure constitutes the measurable outcomes of a process. This can be the clinical process, for instance a particular treatment, or an administrative process like a claim filing. Therefore outcome measures can be applied to individual or groups. An effective EMR must be able to report the percentage of similar lab results which happen within the space of a month for a specific medical group. 'Balanced Scorecard' is one more procedure for measuring healthcare performance in organizations. Balanced scorecard systems examine multiple measures instead of single set of measures that are common in conventional benchmarking. (Wager; Lee; Glase, 2009)

ii) Organization's goal driving the selection of an IS:

An organization's goal driving the selection of an IS must ensure that the information system architecture has been designed to suitably support patient care teams. A good design system needs not just to develop ISEs with teams in mind, but also to evaluate them within the perspective of the team as a whole. The selection should be based on how effective the Electronic Patient Record -- EPR which forms the basis of any Medical IS. In order to provide the right patient care, team members must interact among themselves and the IS should be such which assumes the role of a support mechanism for this interaction. For instance, team members invariably use EPR to exchange information regarding patient care. (Anderson; Aydin, 2005)

Doctors regularly use nursing observations regarding patients…

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