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Obtaining Informed Consent

Mr. Roberts is a patient that was admitted to the hospital Emergency Department (ED) following traumatic injuries caused by a motorcycle accident. Since admission, Mr. Roberts has undergone three surgical procedures. While the first two surgeries were successful, the third one was unsuccessful despite being performed accurately. As a result, he relapsed into a coma and his long-term girlfriend has appeared and holds the healthcare power of attorney since the patient has a living will in which he stipulates his desire not to undergo heroic intervention.

The process of administering the surgical procedures to the patient has involved obtaining informed consent at different points. An informed consent is an important document when carrying out aesthetic or surgical procedures on a patient (Rao, 2008). For the first surgical procedure, the physician neither obtained implied nor expressed consent as there was no time to obtain consent because of the emergency conditions. Implied consent refers to consent to clinical examination in a general sense whereas expressed consent is stated in explicit and distinct language (Arora, 2013). However, this is a legally approved step because the patients admission at the ED required medical examination and treatment in a general sense. The physicians actions…the risks, benefits, and alternatives. However, the physician did not provide a full explanation and had Mr. Roberts sign the consent form. While the consent form represented written expressed consent, it was not obtained appropriately. Existing clinical guidelines for obtaining such consent for patients about to undergo major surgical procedures requires witness by a third party. Therefore, the lack of a witness when obtaining informed consent for this procedure implies that proper procedures were not followed. Deontology theory states that certain duties are inherently good and must be followed for an act to be morally justified. In this case, the physician…

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