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Innocent Drinks

Innocent Drinks was founded in 1999 in London, United Kingdom. It is a small size company, employing slightly over 200 staff members, but generating impressive revenues of over £120 per year (Website of Innocent Drinks, 2012).

The success of the organization is based on the powerful management and business model, with primary emphasis on the products they sell. Innocent Drinks produces and retails beverages and foods products created in the most natural manner possible. The ingredients are naturally grown and the end products do not contain any preservatives, water, sugar or other sweeteners, concentrates and so on. "Innocent's products are as pure as its name suggests" (Hoovers, 2012).

Traditionally, the organization had been selling fruit juices exclusively, but gradually, it has diversified its product offering. Today then, Innocent Drinks also produces and retails yoghurts, fruit yoghurts, smoothies, fruit tubes and veg pots. The fruit tubes constitute of pureed fruit and juice, packed in tubes which can be squeezed to free the content. The veg pots -- which had been introduced in 2010 -- are microwavable lunches, comprising of natural and safe ingredients, similar to all the products sold by Innocent Drinks. These lunches contain vegetables, herbs, spices, a whole grain and a sauce.

Despite the product diversification, the emblem products of Innocent Drinks remain the beverages, and the company sells 2 million smoothies each week. Within the United Kingdom for instance, Innocent Drinks dominates 75 per cent of the entire smoothie market. The organization has expanded its presence in Europe and it sells its products in more than 10,000 locations across the Old Continent; these locations are traditionally coffee shops and retail stores.

The industry in which Innocent Drinks operates is highly dynamic, characterized primarily by the existence of small size companies, operating at local levels. These entities are currently striving to expand their operations and their presence. In doing this, they focus on building infrastructure and improving scale operations in order to ensure superior market penetration and sustain profitable growth (Euromonitor International, 2012).

The main competitors of Innocent Drinks are the Dole Food Company Inc., Orchard House Foods Ltd., and PepsiCo International. As of 2009, Innocent Drinks is partially owned by the Coca Cola Company (Hoovers, 2012).

2. Innocent products

As it has been mentioned in the previous section, the smoothies remain the primary product of Innocent Drinks. From the marketing perspective, they could be perceived as the cash cows of the company.

Innocent Drinks strives to adapt to the new demands of its consumer base and it develops new products, which can be either stars, dogs or question marks, as revealed in the Boston Consulting Group matrix below.

The stars are items which reveal a quick growth and they are popular among the consumer base; they do however require increased investments on the part of the firm and their future is unsure. In a positive scenario, they are expected to be cash cows.

The question marks are items which also require investments to be sustained, but their future is even more unsure compared to that of the star products. The question mark products are present in small market shares. The dog items have small market shares in mature industries. They engage various resources and the company would traditionally consider renouncing them.

Last, the cash cows are stable products, present in large market shares in mature markets. They require little investment and they generate reliable income. For Innocent Drinks, the smoothies are these cash cow products.

To ensure that they preserve their quality of cash cows, the smoothies are created with dedication to high quality. Specifically, the company ensures that two portions of fruit are present in each beverage, as revealed in the chart below:

"From their constituents, an innocent smoothie is the equivalent to 2 portions of fruit. A 250ml smoothie contains at least 1 portion of whole crushed fruit (80g) and 1 portion of juice (150ml) or contains more than 80g of whole crushed fruit with the remainder of the second portion made up from fruit juice" (Innocent).

3. Career opportunities

Innocent Foods hires a limited number of individuals, and relies on their high skills and commitments to support a successful international business. The company selects its staff members through a combination of sources, including both traditional as well as more modern tools, such as:

Their own website

The websites of other institutions

The employment agency, and last

The media.

The usage of media to select new staff members refers to the construction of advertisements promoting the positions which are opened within Innocent Drinks. These advertisements are then placed with the local media, in local newspapers more commonly, in the sections specifically created and dedicated to these purposes.

In terms of the employment agency, this is done in an effort to become aligned with the legal expectations. Particularly, the company will identify their opened positions and will inform the employment office about this position. The employment agency will then make this opening public to the people looking for jobs.

Last, the more modern approach to recruitment is represented by the usage of the internet. Once the company has identified the open position, it communicates its existence onto its own website, or on websites specifically created for this purpose. This mechanism ensures a superior targeting of the candidates.

4. Staff selection

At the level of staff selection, the company focuses its attention on two specific directions -- technical skills and personal skills. The technical skills refer to the ability of the candidate to perform the professional tasks pertaining to the job. These are identified through the review of the candidate's resume, with emphasis on their educational attainments, as well as previous expertise. If available, the major achievements of the candidates will be reviewed, alongside with the verification of the references.

The candidates which best meet the technical skills as these are required by the available positions will be selected for an interview with a company representative. During the interview, the interviewer will test the technical skills of the candidates and will select them based on their skills, as well as based on their personal traits.

At the level of the personal traits, these are essential for Innocent Drinks, since the company employs a limited number of individuals, and relies on them extensively to ensure company success. In this order of ideas then, it places increased emphasis on people who are team players, who have great communication skills and who can easily become integrated in the culture of the firm. Both stages of the selection process are crucial.

5. Rewards and benefits

Once the individual is employed with Innocent Drinks, the firm presents them with a wide array of rewards and benefits. These benefits have the final scope of motivating the employees and increasing their performances and commitments; also, the firm strives to align their overall goals with the individual objectives of their staff members.

At a more detailed level, the benefits and rewards offered by Innocent Drinks to their employees include the following:

The salaries, which are offered based on the performance of the individual and which can increase gradually, based on the evolution of the employee

The bonuses offered, which are based on the results of the firm. Specifically, if the company attains its objectives, it distributes part of its profits in the form of bonuses for the employees

Private health care for the employees

Life assurance and coverage for critical illnesses

Counseling and support for employees who wish to engage in saving schemes

Informal benefits,…

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