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If these people had been given a fully rounded education, that is, I believe the skills in areas in which they are "lacking" would be greatly improved. This does not mean that every math prodigy could also be an award winning poet, as I believe there are different aptitudes for different subjects and areas of learning, but I believe that anyone with high intelligence in one area could also demonstrate at least average if not above average skills in other areas, as well. Critical thinking is a function that serves people well in many different areas of learning, and I believe that it is a sign of the general intelligence factor and can be used to increase aptitude in many areas.

Based on the intelligence scores provided, I would expect the child that took this test to have difficulties recognizing and manipulating patterns, due to the low scores on verbal comprehension and picture arrangement. The high scores on information knowledge and picture completion suggests that the child has an excellent grasp on basic knowledge and how things are supposed to be aligned, but the low scores mentioned above as well as the lower scores on noting similarities and coding abilities suggests a lack of adequate abilities to engage with and manipulate the information the child has at their command. With decent scores in arithmetic and object assembly, it seems that linear situations with clearly defined rules would not pose any difficulties of this child, but extrapolating this to newer self-directed instances of information manipulation is less within the subject's grasp.

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