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Invasion of Iraq

The impending and planned attack of the U.S. government against Iraq, particularly on Saddam Hussein and his army, is the most talked about political issue at present. The impending attack against Iraq is the topic of most debates among people; there are various responses and opinions regarding the said issue. One of these responses is the question of whether the U.S. attack against Iraq is justifiable or not. Many arguments whether the attack on Iraq is really necessary, and if the attack will actually result to condition better than the present state of U.S. And Iraq, as well as other nations, particularly those belonging to the Middle East region. This critical analysis paper will discuss and answer the question whether the U.S. attack on Iraq is justifiable or not, and by supporting this stance with details, facts, and information regarding issue. Also, aside from the discussion of the U.S. invasion on Iraq, an analysis of the said political issue will be tackled, with relation to two political theories, the Power- Elite (Elitist) Theory and Pluralist Theory.

It is important that to understand the political issue of war against Iraq, a discussion of the U.S. government's reasons for planning the attack against Iraq was made is needed. In the research that the author of this paper had conducted, there are three (3) main reasons why the U.S. is motivated to declare war against Iraq. These reasons are purely the results of the author's research, and are supported by factual information from major news magazines (and these reasons are still open for debate and questioning). The first aim of the U.S. government for planning the attack on Iraq is that it wants to prevent, and eradicate the threat that Iraq poses on the safety and security of the U.S. nation. This 'threat' is also in the form of war, although this war is through terrorist attacks, made possible through the use of biological and chemical weapons, and most dangerous of all, through the use of nuclear weapons. Secondly, the threat of Iraq's use of deadly weapons against the U.S. (and possibly, on other nations) also poses another serious and more deadly threat, possibly threatening the security and stability of all nations in the world: the success of Iraq's attack against U.S. (if Iraq will be successful in destroying the freedom, stability, and security of the nation) will lead to the eventual spread of Saddam Hussein's (leader-dictator of Iraq) power not only over Iraq, but also possibly in the whole of the Middle Eastern region. Thus, if U.S. will not attack Iraq first, there is the possibility that Iraq will continuously terrorize U.S. through its terrorist activities, and this is a truly dangerous possibility for people who value freedom and equality. Lastly, and perhaps the reason that most concerns the Iraqis, the U.S. attack on Iraq will eventually result to a free Iraq, with no Saddam Hussein to dictate, abuse, and corrupt its people, ending years of helplessness and suffering of the civilians, the Iraqis, from Hussein's 'iron fist' dictatorship, and constant abuse and violence that he subjects to all people whop fail to subordinate himself to Hussein. The following texts will discuss and support in detail the following reasons, answering the question of the necessity for the U.S. To stage an attack against Iraq.

One of the main threats that Iraq, specifically, Saddam Hussein's government, poses against the U.S. nation's stability and security is the power of Iraq to 'unleash' deadly weapons that will result to deaths of millions of people. Iraq is most feared by other nations because of its capability to produce weapons for war purposes, and these includes state-of-the-art war weapons, such as biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons. What makes the Iraqi government threatening is that for four years, Iraq had been free from any UN sanctions against the production of these deadly weapons, and in the span of four years, it is possible that the Iraqi government was able to produce numerous weapons that are harmful and deadly when used at war. Proof of these weapons have been found through a thorough investigation of the U.S. intelligence: reports are confirmed that Iraq has been producing biological and chemical weapons that are "smaller and dual use," implying the fact…

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