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Such adaptations include "altruism, humor, anticipation (looking ahead and planning for future discomfort), suppression (a conscious decision to postpone attention to an impulse or conflict, to be addressed in good time), and sublimation (finding outlets for feelings, like putting aggression into sport, or lust into courtship)" (Shenk 2009, p.2). Greta needs a new outlet and a life outside of her husband and the university community. She had an independent life in Norway but in her new environment she is overly dependent upon her husband, his university, and the university community. Altruistically volunteering for a cause Greta believes in might...


This would also improve her English ability and perhaps lead to a permanent job. Her ego would be less reliant upon being in the good graces of the university's wives, and she would be less in need of her busy husband's attentions.

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