Job Description Opening: Executive Administrator Needed The Essay

Job Description Opening: Executive Administrator Needed

The head administrator for Melchester High School will play an important role in the education of the youth in our community. The Head administrator will be responsible for assuring that school operations run smoothly in all aspects of the educational system. This person will be responsible for making certain that an atmosphere that promotes the maximum learning potential in each student in the High School as they prepare to embark on their adult lives.

The general duties of the Head Administrator will include assuring that teachers are performing their jobs to the minimum required standards and beyond. This person will assure that employees are performing their jobs in adherence to all district and governmental regulations and policies. The Head Administrator will be responsible for regular review of the school curriculum to make certain that it is not only up to the minimal standards required by law, but that it represents academic excellence.

The Head Administrator will make certain that good community relations are maintained and that positive relations...


The Head Administrator will rally the school, parents, students, and community to come together in a supportive atmosphere that ensure the best possible academic environment for our students.
In order to meet these high standards, the person suitable for the job must have at least the minimal requirements for consideration.

• A minimum doctorate degree in education administration or a related field. Related fields include public administration, any area of the educational field, or business administration. However, it will be noted that candidate with a doctorate in education administration will be preferred over the others.

• A minimum of 10 years in an administrative position in the field of education

• A proven track record and ability to maintain and improve the educational status of the schools in which they have worked in the past

• A clean background check and no prior criminal record, other than minor traffic violations. Moving traffic violations may or may not be accepted, depending on the circumstance


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