Job Description -- School Secretary The Following Essay

Job Description -- School Secretary The following duties and responsibilities comprise the assigned tasks for this position.

Act as frontline liaison with the community, staff, and students

Maintain record of faculty attendance

Ensure classroom coverage at all times

Maintain inventory of all office supplies

Responsible for accounts payable:

Track all invoices and enter into accounting database

Compare invoices against inventory received

Issue checks for payment to outside vendors

Prepare and submit bank deposits

Balance faculty fund bank account

Prepare all written correspondence from the principal's office

Maintain inventory of school uniforms

Disburse and collect all classroom and building keys at the beginning and end of the school year

Manage the audio visual equipment (maintenance and disbursement)

Ensure proper maintenance and upkeep of an office equipment

Issue maintenance work orders for the facility

Coordinate extracurricular activities and assembles

Answer telephones

Other duties as assigned

Performance Evaluation



Performance Effectiveness
A. Displays ability and willingness to follow instructions.


B Possesses and maintains skills necessary for the assigned duties and tasks.


C. Uses correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.


D. Displays adequate knowledge and control of audio/video equipment.


E. Follows suggested procedures.


F. Demonstrates willingness to try new procedures and adapt to change.


Comments: Jane Doe is an extremely effective employee and clearly exceeds all expectations with regard to section one of this evaluation. Not only does she clearly exceed all expectations, but she manages to do so with a friendly and receptive attitude.

II. Management Skills

A. Exhibits tidiness in the work area.


B. Properly cares for…

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